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Cucumber Week and International Greetings

Good Morning!

Greetings in many languages

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Good morning to the World!

An ultra-scorching wonderful hot week… I did not melt.

The Track of the Week: “Hot Shift” by Jiiji ORDER

[ Insert here modified Lyrics of WO’s “Mind Shift” making reference to the hot Weather… Not really translatable with Online resources, Sorry! ]

It was really hot… and it still is. No changes on the remaining summer, so don’t let it disturb your physical condition. Children are in summer vacation, and I feel a good summer wind.

“Jiiji’s Cucumber Diary”


Starting a burning week... (¯0¯ ●;) Today I have Thai Yellow Curry and Cucumber with Miso, Mayonnaise and Soy Sauce … exceptional deliciousness…

(° B ° l)-


Rehearsal twice today. Under the Scorching sunlight… alive but sweating Pheew !! (¯0¯ ●;)

'Once I’m back home I will start cutting some cucumbers and spend the evening relaxing on the wind.'

AHA… so I thought. But I came home after 22:00, My train stopped before it arrived to Kawasaki … there were people, and people and more people trying to get home… Jiiji was just one more (among about 350 k) Finally I had to take many connections from JR to the Keikyu Station, then there was no Bus available anymore, at the Taxis stands the waiting people built very long queues.. I had to walk a while. It took me 2h 30 Min. to get home. ‘God! with the Shinkansen, I could go to Kyoto in that time!’ While I thought about it, I went to the convenience Store and got some noodles before I walked the last minutes until Home. I was sweating a lot, but I guess everybody was.

It was cheers for good work.


Today again, the scorching heat. The sky is empty, but no matter how scorching the evening is, at dusk I feel the wind on the rooftop... cosy evening breeze.


Rehearsal today, burning heat… again.

I went to my brother’s home to meet the little kitten. ('∇ `●)'

His name is ‘Chocolate’ . I was allowed to hold him, he is small and fluffy, really cute.

Miu-Chan is enjoying summer vacation, and Chocolate making a funny face…


From the early morning on, heavy air and scorching heat. When I woke up there was no wind at all, and the windows felt like burning. ‘Is it over 40°C in the house?’ Aji-i-i-i-I (¯ρ¯ ● ;;;)

I watched a heartwarming lovely Film Starring Oshima-san and had the Curry I was given.

After succumbing to the heat, it was really delicious, Thank you. I also had some Cucumbers, and from today on there will be Cucumbers every day… Aha.


Rehearsal today . Scorching heat? No! this morning it’s hot but not SO hot! It is pleasant and Cheerful. I rub by sleepy eyes, time to leave!

I bought 6 Cucumbers, I’ll spend the weekend cutting and eating them! Gentleweekend Dusk…

A peaceful weekend everybody.


A cheerful day, an empty summer sky and a young hot summer. (° B °-)-

It was a week of good work, thank you everyone,

Monday, the beginning of a new week, I hope you all spend it calmly, with warm feelings and gentle breeze in your heart, despite burning heat. You’ll be fine… let’s live and fight!

(● ≧ ∇ ≦)

A nice week, a nice Day…

Akihiro Takahashi

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