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A special Interview...

Good Morning (in many Languages)

The beginning of a new Week. This week also, was a week of good work for everyone. I hope, you all had a good and warm time too.


For your cheering for the Culture Festival, I Thank you. I hope a warm and good wind, had blown until your original remote locations.

And to all who came, I hope you had a good and warm time.

To everyone, really, Thank you very much.

I’m still not used to sing while dancing, but it is a big challenge, which I have been allowed to take.

It might have been a mess, but I thank you for your smiles and the warm happy time.

“Jiiji’s Week Diary” ('∇ `●)']


It was raining the whole day… and also a Tornado occurred in Kanto.

The Okinawa Konan Highschool Baseball Team was playing the semifinals . It was really a good Match . For the first time I was impressed and pounding… who will win the Championship?

Youth, Fight… (° b °-)

To the new week, let’s live it!


Rehearsal today, as usual. It was as hot as ever… Jiiji sweat, sweat, sweat…

I went to my parents home. As always, Ryo-chan was climbing around and I was interviewed by Miu-chan.

Miu: ‘Nii-nii, Are you married?’

Me: ‘I’m not’

Miu: ‘You’re not yet married?! You’re late!’

Me: (¯0¯ ●;)

Miu: ‘Do you have children?’

Me: ‘No, I don’t’

Miu: ‘What kind of Children do you want?’

Me: ‘a girl like Miu-Chan’

Miu: ‘alone?’

Me: ‘and a brother like Ryo-chan’

Miu: ‘then you better stop, haha’

And at this time Miu-chan makes an Alert face ('∇ `●) aha

Me: ‘Why?’

Miu: ‘Children are noisy haha, Ryo-chan cries like a baby’

During the interview Ryo-chan was hanging on Nii-nii , pretending not to hear. Aha.

MIu-chan, Ryo-chan you are so lovely.


Blue skies behind the clouds today. The fluffy chocolate was climbing around, and she was on my lap, but it was a little high for her, she was a little scared. Cute little girl…


Day started with trickling rain. Rehearsal with Suit and journalist coverage, then back home…

Watched again the Highschool Baseball. The Tokaidai Sagami Highschool from Ogasawara in Kanagawa won!

It was a amazing, I was really impressed and I look forward to next year (National Highschool Baseball Championship).

“Cheering song”


Today, first of all: doing all the cumulated Laundry! Miu-Chan, Ryo-chan and little Chocolate are watching anime at my parents home, like 3 little siblings… they even look alike. Nii-nii gives Chocolate a huggy but she gets anxious eyes… still needs some time.


This morning, my hair was looking like the one of my Action Figure. Before that, I was cutting it too, it was tough and it got settled unkempt and restless…

And Jiiji was buying some new Action Figures on Amazon: a potentiated Body and a Bepo. .. Aha.


Today is the WORLD ORDER Culture Festival. I still don’t feel ready, but I, and the other members will continue to do our best in this great step into the future. We will fight together in this future WORLD ORDER.

To all who came, Thank you for the warm and gentle wind. It was a happy time. Really, Thank you so much.

Another week begins. I hope you spend it with steady, calm and warm feelings, with gentle winds blowing though your hearts and minds. You will be fine.

To the next week, let’s live it!

Have a nice Day

Akihiro Takahashi

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