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The end of the Summer III

"Natsu no owari… (end of the Summer) ... hard to natsu no owari…

As soon as the summer has passed, the days had become chilly. How are you spending the days everyone?

When I think about everything we had lived since the early summer… how would I have known then, what I would be doing now? But the end of the summer doesn’t bother me at all. Now that it s again cold, it will be fun to coordinate clothes again. And I can look forward to buy a new coat! I am happy all year round!

I was happy to see so many people! Thank you very much!

The new challenge of a 6 Formation. I think there are a variety of opinions, but we need your help and your understanding, so thank you for watching this new attempt with warm eyes!

And next week it is off to Singapore, and I’m happy if we can make the people in Singapore happy too – I’m all weather Proof and I will seriously do my best.

So a happy Friday everyone!


Ryuta Tomita

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