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The Transformation

Good Morning (in many languages)

This week, the cool days continued. Thursday I could hear the voice of the Cicadas out in the green… and then also outside of my Bathroom, from the Bathtub… nri-nri-nri-nri… Little by little, we move towards the Autumn.

After the Culture Festival on Saturday, I was so glad I could meet and and talk to so many of you at the Talk Session. Sitting down to talk on stage, and not to dance was somehow a weird feeling. I was nervous. But I would be happy if I could perform someday at the Short Shorts Theater.

Thank you all who came, and Thank you to all who supported us from the distance.

This was a week of gentle warm days.

“Jiiji’s Transformation, C’mon! ”


The beginning of a new week. Thank you to all who came to the Culture Festival. I was very happy to hear all the comments saying you enjoyed it. Jiiji’s Body is stiff today, he transforms into Kamen Rider (borrowed Mask from Ryo Chan…)

Today, Ryo Chan could also resume Kindergarden, with some scratches in his face, from little Chocolate. Miu-chan resumes elementary school tomorrow. I could hug the peacefully sleeping Chocolate, and was eating peeled Pears...

Today it is Robo-G


(metallic sounds?

I woke up feeling like a Robot. The summer sky looks warm from my bathroom window. It will be a warm time, this week. Let’s live it! (゜Ro゜ ●)


Good Morning… Today I’ve transformed into a Nan-bread-man

Rehearsal today. It is cloudy this Tuesday. We have 26°C in Tokyo and 26° in Kanagawa. The air temperature has fallen below 30°… it is the wind. And Kyushu was hit by Typhoon Nr. 15… the largest Typhoon.

Please be careful everyone.

Today, after the daytime Rehearsals, I was not able to go back home… then also evening rehearsals.

It is cool today. My Body is tired so I soak in a Bath... and I’m fine!


Today temperatures fall further to 25-23°C. The sound of the Cicadas is no longer heard, not today either…

I’m still a Bread-Man. I power my bread Man off with a Chin Beard and Bread-Man and a Sunflower join us at the Stretch-Pole.

I don’t know what this mean… My Body is still tired, I guess I’m just refreshing my mind and soul. Now, the rest of the week it is to Fight!!