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We're back Home from Singapore. Good morning!

Good morning in many languages.

I’m late with the Monday Diary, so this time on a Tuesday, please excuse me.

It was a week of good work. I hope you had a warm and nice week too.



Unable to rehearse. My body is still tired, so I soak in the Bathtub and relax this weekend.

It will be the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Festival in Singapore at the end of the week.

I wonder if this week will be like every other week…


Rehearsal this morning.

It rains when I depart…

at dusk, a vivid blue sky peeks out from behind the rain clouds.


After the Rain, a clear blue sky in summer colors like Cotton Candy, floats in the Puddles on the ground. Chocolate, who had been tied to the screen door and staring, also takes the momentum to jump out.


Rehearsal today. Heavy clouds this morning. I see the 2 street cats again after a long time. To see them, make me feel the summer.

Tonight, preparations for Tomorrow.


This morning also a subtle weather. Rehearsal in Preparation for the Show tomorrow. We can go home shortly to relax then, ready to go. To the Haneda Airport then Flight to Singapore.

I’ll do my best, when I’ll go on Stage tomorrow..


Arrival in Singapore in the early morning. Checked in the Hotel. Rehearsal, a little break and finally…

The Show. (° B °--)-"


Then WORLD ORDER… Nervous… The Jiang-Shi dance (¯0¯ ●;) I can let myself go and do my best until the end. The venue and the whole audience responded with great excitement and I could feel the good wind.

Thank you very much.

Finally CAPSULE ( Mr. Nakata Yasutaka and Miss Koshijima Toshiko) also, great excitement.

At the end, for their Encore, WORLD ORDER sharing the stage with them... it was really a very, very Hot moment.

Exhausted after the fall of the nervousness . MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON test is passed and it was great!

To Reza, who came from Indonesia, for his present and letter, Thank you very much.

To all who came from Japan , and to everyone who cheered us and send us good winds from Japan, Thank you very much.


At noon, Day off in the city. With the other members we took a hot stroll and visited the Attractions.

It was hot and it was fun

On the evening we went to the MOSHI MOSHI After Party, at a Bar on the Roof Top of a very tall Building in Singapore. It was an amazing view and we partied until 2:00 am.

And now, we are moving towards the next show… PARIS


Last day. Check-out ion the morning; I couldn’t go the pool and I wanted (I could not swim/breath) . The day before, after our stroll, I learned to swim a little bit (after all it was possible to do it… breath) I was in the middle and did some breaststroke… Next year will be the revenge.

After check-out, went to Chinatown to get some presents for Miu-Chan and Ryo Chan.

Night flight back Home. From the Airplane’s window, we see Japan as it gets brighter and brighter.

Landing at Haneda Airport. It’s raining and I’m wrenched when I get home. ('∇ `●)'

To all the staff at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON, to all performers and all our staff, to all involved, Thank you very much for your support.

Singapore was cheers for good work. And now, for PARIS we thank you in advance for your support.

Now, although a bit late, it is the beginning of a new week. I wish you all it will steady and calm with friendly feelings and gentle winds blowing through your hearts and minds. You’ll be fine.

To the new week, let’s live it. \ (●'∇ `\)'

Have a nice day

Akihiro Takahashi.

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