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Lost !

Singapore Day 3.

The show ended successfully, and some of us members spent the Day off going to Chinatown.

We headed there by Taxi, but because of little space, we split in 2 groups. I was riding on the same Taxi as Ucchy. The other members rode another one, and we were supposed to meet at a certain point.

I told the Destination, but something went wrong and apparently we were dropped off a little bit further from the meeting point.

“Oh this is not good-“

Because we had no WiFI, it was not possible to get in contact with the other members, so we asked and started walking in the direction 2 people had told us.

On the way, we passed by a Temple and prayed. ‘Ucchy, what do you ask for?’ ‘That we can meet the others safely’

So we were looking for the other members, but could not find them.

Uchiyama-san kept saying ‘ Where is everyone?’

Then… ‘Aaah!’

He started running ahead.

'Found them!’

Well - it seems the other members were also concerned because they couldn’t find us, and I was happy it was over!

Yusuke Morisawa

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