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Special Report: MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Paris & WORLD ORDER Interview. Episode 1

If you could ask WORLD ORDER one question, what would it be?

Dear Fellow Fans

We are happy to announce that we have been granted the unique Opportunity to interview WORLD ORDER during their Stay in Paris.

We would be glad to ask the Group interesting questions that YOU send us!

So if you ever wanted to ask the group something special, this is your chance!

We still don’t know further details, for example, how long the interview will be, so we hope you understand, we cannot ask ALL the questions. But we will choose the ones we find most interesting and that we had not already pepared by ourselves.

We can just choose the Questions according to the common senses of the little Team which makes this Site. So please, we ask for your understanding, if you send questions and you don’t see them being asked on the Final Interview.

However, we are certainly telling the Group, how many people showed interest in this Interview!

So Please, feel free to send us your Question (One per Person, LATEST 'til SEPTEMBER 24TH) including your Name and the Country you are from, through the Contact Box .

We will do our very Best to keep you posted about the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Festival in Paris, WORLD ORDER's first european Show and of course, to bring you an interesting Interview, so Stay Tuned!

Thank you, Fellow Fans from all over the World, for keeping this Fanbase growing!

We are all One!


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