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Hectic weather

This past week, was also a week of good work. Now, the beginning of the New Week. Good Morning!

Good morning in many languages

This week, the return of some hot summer air, but also cold and rainy… don’t let this hectic weather disturb your physical condition.

“Jiiji’s day-to-day” ((° ~ °-))


Good weather with crisp air and pleasant wind blowing this week…


Rehearsal today. Also good weather, it was hot when the sun was still shining… cheerful summer-like.

At home, I caught Miu-chan doing Homework and Ryo-chan eating rice crackers.

Then Ryo-chan climbed powerfully on me, as if I was a Mountain. Jiiji was exhausted… Aha.


Today we had a photo-shooting. Sky was cloudy and it was raining when I got back home.

After the shooting, we went all together for dinner to the Pub (Tsukada NoJo)

The personnel arranged our dishes with cut-out pictures of the WO Members.

Thank you very much! It was a feast, delicious cuisine.

And I received a nice CD-DVD from CAPSULE, our Venue Partners at the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Festival in Paris and Tokyo.

I’m looking forward to the space working together.


Again heavy rain. On the way back home from Rehearsal I had to jump over some puddles and my shoes were wrenched. Water dripping over the leaves… (° B °--) Waterproof Power!


Cloudy, and a little cold, blue air… alone at home, I was a bit cold and had to wear something over my T-shirt.

I made Miso-soup and even after a long time cooking, it was most delicious. ('▽ `●)'


Rehearsal today. Completely the opposite as yesterday’s cold air… Sunshine, Summer skies and cheerful good weather. Met some Mikoshi and children on my way back home. Ending the summer festivities with good weather. It will be a good Start for the Silver Week.

A friendly Silver week everyone.


Here’s Chocolate.

Chocolate with toubled face, playing lonely trying to reach the answering machine… trying to catch a toy… hiding behind a cardboard box… playing hide-and-seek. And once he was tired, keeping the trotting pace with his stuffed friend.

To the new week! Meow !!

The beginning of a new week. I wish you all a steady week, and that you can all spend it with calm feelings , as gentle winds blow through your mind.

You’ll be fine.

To the next week, let’s live it!

Have a n ice day.

Akihiro Takahashi

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