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Shooting in Fukushima III

Good Moring in many, many Languages.

Good Morning. The beginning of a new Week.

This week was one of good work. I came back from France and my Body is still feeling a bit strange, maybe because of Jetlag.We were shooting 3 days at the Fukushima Prefecture last week and the activities started from early in the morning. It was a very nice Film Crew, always with a smile,and I met nice people. Everybody was warm at Fukushima… it was humid but the gentle sky and warm air delighted my heart.

I arrived a bit early, but it was a very pleasant Fukushima, and three friendly days. Thank you everyone for the warm winds. Even early in the Morning, It was cheers for good work. Please look forward to the completed work

Everyone,cheers for the good work around the World. ('∇ `●))

“Jiiji, coming home to a new Friend”


First round Editing of the Video we shot in France, which took us all day. Not yet a cohesive work, but it has been fun until now. Please look forward everyone.


Got Home direct from Editing, without any sleep. Departed 5:10 am to Fukushima. It was still dark. About a 4 hours drive with the Bus from Tokyo.On the way autumn leaves, trees and a gentle, quiet river. We started shooting right away, and from the first day on I was touched by the warmth of the people in Fukushima. The tired body and mind were quickly healed by the friendly feelings. No wonder new Fukushima ('∇ `●)' pop


A sound at the Hotel room’s Door *Knock, Knock, Knock…”

I look at my Watch… (゜Ro゜ ○;)….

Mr. Kiyama is at the Door…

Oh (゜Ro゜ ○;)

My clock was running to early…. e~e~e~e~e~ehhh!!!

Big Panic on the Titanic !!!

I got dressed at an amazing speed (I would have won the Gold Medal, if changing clothes would be an Olympic discipline).

Even if I was still in time for the start, it was a huge Panic.

Dear Members, Dear Mr. Kiyama, Thank you. I apologize for any inconvenience

Today I also felt fully a quiet, gentle, warm Fukushima during the shooting. Really mysterious it was, Fukushima.

( '∇ `●)'


Friendly time. Without sleep from Yesterday to this morning. All ready for the

Tantan Tetsuro Tamba ... scene ... (¯0¯ ●).

And today too, a mysterious, friendly, warm time. Even between scenes, feeling wandering into a Ghibli Movie

And on the way back home, crushed in the city’s crowded train, I still think of friendly Fukushima, and still feel wrapped in the warm time.

If you want to feel the warm and friendly air, try by all means to visit the Fukushima Prefecture. Let’s go to Fukushima (Mysterious winds blowing, steering us there! )



Rain… French fries Friday (●; ° Д °) and no Diary !!


Chilly rainy weekend…

Today I soak in the Bathtub.

It feels like a hot summer, soaking in the Bath… it feels good on my fatigue cumulated Body. (/ ¯ ▽ ¯-)

A nice weekend everyone.


Today, the final Editing of the France work. Stay tuned…

A really mysterious week it was; one where I could feel the warm, gentle breeze.

I wish you all, you can also feel a warm and gentle breeze next week .A steady, friendly week, to spend with friendly feelings, and gentle winds blowing through your hearts and minds. You’ll be fine.

To the next week, let’s live it!

Have a nice day.

Akihiro Takahashi

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