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Shooting in Fukushima IV

Last week we were in Fukushima. I was in a travel mood, and found entertainment on various places.

And I was thrilled by the many old Houses.

At the Deco (Papier-Mache Doll Workshop) there was a 95 year old Grandma, silently working, sitting straight. Because of the long work, she doesn’t put her hands on the Kotatsu, not even in Winter.

Her clever and skillful Fingers seem to be caressing the Material.

This kind of work was done besides the one on the rice Fields on the ancient days, I was told.

And I was charmed by a Daruma Doll which I received for good luck.

I will cherish it as an Ornament, and cherish for long time the Memory of the nice Grandma.

​And our new song ‘THE NEXT PHASE’ has been released. Please enjoy.

Uchiyama Hayato.

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