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A new german Friend

Today’s training is: “Hands on” = Berlin and Paris. Have you seen “THE NEXT PHASE” yet?

Some things happen during such a shooting. In Germany I found a dog.

Waiting for your owner? You look a little sad.

I tried to talk over.

‘Good Morning’ (^^)

Made eye contact with me, I was spoiled. A very intelligent doggy.



Give paw Doggy.

Stay still doggy.

Well done! Doggy is smiling!

Then I witnessed this kind of Bike. (^^) You can ride inside when you’re tired.

I hope we could have it like in Germany, with no slaughtered Dogs. Very different to the 30 000 per year in Japan (not sure how much it is for Cats). A change of law would be desirable in Japan. Even though it has improved already a bit, the world is still a little disappointing. That’s what I was thinking recently.

Training is fun and healthy (^ ^)


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