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First Monday in November. The remaining 2 Months of 2015.

Good Morning ! ! Uuwao! (゜0 ゜●)/”

Good Moning in many, many Languages

The beginning of a new Week. It was a week of wonderful work.

I got warm feelings, and warm comments, full of power. Truly, thank you very much.

“Aka-tsubu and Tamagotori ‘s week”


Aka-Tsubu Y-N: little traces of full moon, I wonder…'

Tamagotori F: 'Pyororo'


Summer deep blue skies, pure white clouds floating. Sunlight is also strong, warm and mild

Strong wind starts to blow…

Aka-Tsubu Y-N: 'It’s warm…

Tamagotori F: Pyoro


Heading to Rehearsal…

Today also blue skies and nice weather, temperatures are steadily rising and the summer sunlight is glistering… hot

In the evening, a gentle orange sunset.

Aka-Tsubu Y-N: Ahh Potato... but...

Tamagotori F: Pyo no no

Wednesday evening, on a certain place, it rained French fries...


The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Heading to the International Exhibition center.

Even though we’re there before the General public, there is a large amount of people…

The Hall is incredibly huge

Fantastic cars, and the preview of the new BMW.

Individual performance… I was nervous. However, right afterwards, I received good winds and power from everyone. Thank you very much.

Aka-Tsubu Y-N: Fantastic Place

Tamagotori F: Pyo ro ro