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First Monday in November. The remaining 2 Months of 2015.

Good Morning ! ! Uuwao! (゜0 ゜●)/”

Good Moning in many, many Languages

The beginning of a new Week. It was a week of wonderful work.

I got warm feelings, and warm comments, full of power. Truly, thank you very much.

“Aka-tsubu and Tamagotori ‘s week”


Aka-Tsubu Y-N: little traces of full moon, I wonder…'

Tamagotori F: 'Pyororo'


Summer deep blue skies, pure white clouds floating. Sunlight is also strong, warm and mild

Strong wind starts to blow…

Aka-Tsubu Y-N: 'It’s warm…

Tamagotori F: Pyoro


Heading to Rehearsal…

Today also blue skies and nice weather, temperatures are steadily rising and the summer sunlight is glistering… hot

In the evening, a gentle orange sunset.

Aka-Tsubu Y-N: Ahh Potato... but...

Tamagotori F: Pyo no no

Wednesday evening, on a certain place, it rained French fries...


The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Even though we’re there before the General public, there is a large amount of people…

The Hall is incredibly huge

Fantastic cars, and the preview of the new BMW.

Individual performance… I was nervous. However, right afterwards, I received good winds and power from everyone. Thank you very much.

Aka-Tsubu Y-N: Fantastic Place

Tamagotori F: Pyo ro ro


Aka-Tsubu Y-N: Is Jiiji getting bald ? !

Tamagotori F: Pyo no no

Today again a vivid orange Sunset. Nice wind was blowing.

Tamagotori F: Don’t worry

Aka-Tsubu Y-N: It will grow again

Sounds like a Joke about someone else… I think it’s about Jiiji


Cloudy and chilly air on this Saturday…

Did Jiiji change the carpet?

Aka-Tsubu Y-N: It’s Jiiji’s Hair…

Tamagotori F: Pyo roro

Aka-Tsubu Y-N: He seems to have calmed down too…

Tamagotori F: Pyo ro

And… at the Seven-Eleven, I played the Lottery and won twice some greens.

Weeee! Lucky!! (° 0 ° ●) Ro

Aka-tsubu and Tamagotori were also pleased.

Tamagotori F: Pyororo


Today we have nice weather, but the air is getting chilly on this Sunday morning…

Last Night, on Halloween evening, seems as the City was a big messy

Aka-Tsubu Y-N: Halloween… somehow Shin

Tamagotori F: Pyo rro

Me: Somehow like a Harvest Festival

Aka-Tsubu Y-N: People… what are they harvesting…?

Me: Friends… is that the harvest?

Aka-Tsubu Y-N : Fuuun!

Me: Everyone in disguise...amazing

Garbage on the street... awful... desolate. All that garbage… it almost hurts

What for, throwing so many things away?

It there’s not trash, it would be gorgeous on the surface.

It involves the work of the residents. Poor awareness... .

The ones who disguise, disguise also their minds

A rather desolate harvest festival

Jiiji’s Halloween… Aha

Aka-Tsubu Y-N: Indeed… Boss

Me: I’m certainly not your Boss, I’m Jiiji.

Tamagotori F: Pyororo

Aka-Tsubu Y-N: We too, have Costumes

Tamagotori F: Pyororo

Ta daaa ! (° 0 ° ●) Wow!

Me: Amazing! You’ve turned into a Pumpkin and a Ghost!

Sssshhh! Don’t make noise !! (● ° 0 °)

Aka-Tsubu Y-N: Oooooooh !

And, on this Idyllic Sunday, I thank everybody for the week of good work.

The Beginning of a new week… the first Monday of November. I wish you all a steady, calm week, with soft, warm, gentle winds blowing through your hearts and minds. ((-. - ●))

Into the new week, Into the new month… let’s live it!

Have a nice day.

PS: Tonight the SMAP X SMAP Show.

As long as the Show lasts we’ll be nice guys, and nice SMAPs ('∇ `●)'

Akihiro Takahashi

NOTE: Aki san's Diary was particularly difficult this week. Most of the Text displayed here corrresponds my own intrpretation. I'm not even sure I understood the name of his Manga Charactes correctly.My Apolgies for that.

Any corrections are warmly welcome!! (Ani, Admin).

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