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Good morning in many, many Languages.

Good Morning

Its the start of a new week.

From rainy Monday... rainy Sunday...

It started with rain.

The week went by rainy.

Sometimes warm, sometimes cold

I hope you guys` physical condition aint affected by the weather.

Cheers to a week of hard work, this last week too.

If only the whole week would have been warm.

I wonder how is the weather going to be like this week.

Before that...

"Jiiji = IRONMAN IV"


Rainy Monday with cold air

Have to switch my Heating Mat ON


It has been sometime since I played with Chocolat

She curled up beside the Kotatsu

but when she saw that Jiiji appeared, she gazed at me and fidget

Such an adorable one.


Sudden change of weather. Sunny Tuesday.

The Rays of the sun feel warm.

Tuesday of balmy weather.

At dusk, Houses glow red and orange under the sunset.


Rehearsal day, Wednesday

Warm sunndy day

The sky was vividly painted by the evening sun.