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Good morning in many, many Languages.

Good Morning

Its the start of a new week.

From rainy Monday... rainy Sunday...

It started with rain.

The week went by rainy.

Sometimes warm, sometimes cold

I hope you guys` physical condition aint affected by the weather.

Cheers to a week of hard work, this last week too.

If only the whole week would have been warm.

I wonder how is the weather going to be like this week.

Before that...

"Jiiji = IRONMAN IV"


Rainy Monday with cold air

Have to switch my Heating Mat ON


It has been sometime since I played with Chocolat

She curled up beside the Kotatsu

but when she saw that Jiiji appeared, she gazed at me and fidget

Such an adorable one.


Sudden change of weather. Sunny Tuesday.

The Rays of the sun feel warm.

Tuesday of balmy weather.

At dusk, Houses glow red and orange under the sunset.


Rehearsal day, Wednesday

Warm sunndy day

The sky was vividly painted by the evening sun.


Brewed morning coffee..

a slow and peaceful morning

Clouds were like fluffy cotton candy

looking so tasty.

I havent seen the moon recently though.

Look up into the night sky, as I searched.

I could see the stars

but not the moon...


Being greedy, I had 2 frozen Taiyaki

I baked them crispy in the Oven.

Before I knew, I was totally drawn into it

and now it has turned into a movie of an unbelieveable scale...

It was an awesome movie with an opening and last part that comes with an unexpected plot twist.


Blue sky peeped through the breaks of volume of clouds in the morning...

In the afternoon,

the blue (sky) was fully buried by pure white clouds.


Do you know what Hottoku is?

I tried Hottoku for the first time.

The Hottoku that I ate

which was soft and chewy on the outside,

was generously stuffed with cinnamon and brown sugar...

Just like a flat

cinnamon roll.

It was so sweet, I had a hard time eating them all... Aha

I'd like to try sandwiching tuna and mayonnaise between the Hottoku


We were given the chance to perform at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON TOKYO

The performers for this event were so awesomeヾ(゜0゜●)ノ″

To those who came to the event

To those who supported us from afar

To those from overseas who came all the way to the event

Thank you very much!


and then Paris, followed by TOKYO.

To everyone overseas,

The stage we had in TOKYO was a blast too!!(´/0\`●)゛

Even if we are in a country separated faraway, It would be great, if the warmth from Japan managed to reach those who supported us from afar.

To everyone, i know it really has been a week of hard work.

The start of a new week

A new start of everyone`s week

I hope everyone could continue to spend their warm tender time in tranquil mood

I pray that this week, gentle winds will still blow through your heart so very softly.

Things will go well. Everything will be fine. Dont worry.

The wind blew!

Feel it!


Set off to a new week! Lets live!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

Kindly Translated by : Ray Y. and Kazumi (Thank you!)

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