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A Tournament

The MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Festival ended successfully.

A great excitement in the Hall. After we finished dancing I was exhausted. But even if exhausted, we went to the MOSHI Stage and even sang along with some artists. It was exciting with CAPSULE and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was cute. We enjoyed great entertainment, Thank you very much.

Now to a complete different story.

With the cooperation of EVERFREE Climbing Gym, I made a Video about Bouldering for the ART Exhibition. The other day they made a Tournament and I participated.

There were several skill levels: Beginner, middle, master and expert, and were divided in classes and enjoyed the friendly setting. I took place in the second highest master class. I even made it to the finals, although my abilities were arguable. It was the first time I climbed in front of a crowd and there was a time limit too, so I was very nervous.

Concentrate and try!

I could not find the way to advance to the next challenge. I advance until the third final and finally got second, but I narrowly missed the victory!

There was a sense of Game and it was fun. And I got to sleep very well that day.


Hayato Uchiyama

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