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Today’s training is: Cold.

Okay, but with this, you’ll be warm even if it’s cold. Great!

Recently I have been training every day. I had appetite for practicing the long awaited Autumn Sports.

I was feeling like a rag and sleeping a lot. But after a cold, you have to move to the next level.

Every day is a challenge.

Earlier, we had the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON. To everyone who came to cheer us, Thank you very much.

And recently, I’ve been having a training like on the Major League Baseball (LOL), trying to emulate the stars of the Tokyo Giants. (^^)

Movement is mostly limited but it’s still a good practice.

It has extremely cool down; to prevent a cold you have to eat well, wash your hands and gargle.

Gargling does, to a certain extent, rinse bacteria from the mouth and throat. Or so I heard.

Training is fun and healthy. (^^)


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