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I hope that the smiles around the world will be protected...

To everyone who assisted us during the video shooting we had in Paris

To everyone who were involved in one way or another in MOSHIMOSHINIPPON PARIS

To everyone I shook hands with at the event,

To everyone who came to the event

To everyone who gave me their smiles on the street

I hope that everything remains unchanged...

I hope that smiles of all the Children of Paris will be protected...

I hope that warmth from around the world will protect France, Paris for me.

It was a weekend filled with sadness and ill at ease

You guys have worked hard for the past week.

It would be great if you had spent your week warm and fuzzy.

I hope this week`s cold air hasn`t brought down your health condition.

Stay warm and dont catch a cold.

As usual, Greetings to the World.

Good Morning