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Art in Autumn

Art in Autumn, and today some Input!

First, I went to the Photo Exhibition of a friend, whose works have touched me a lot.

Each Piece had a trembling soul and told stories from different angles and perspectives. It was a

really meaningful time.

Some lovely visitors, my friend’s grandchildren.

Afterwards, I moved to Shimokitazawa, now for the Theater.

On the Stage of “Family Catalog”, the Content thought to be provoking, with respect to family.

My family is great!

Well, of course, the Plot can’t be summarize in just these words, but there was good laughing, the plot development was great and time passed by in a blink.

They were selling the script and I bought my first stage script.

I will continue to listen to the valuable stories of senior individuals, and be happy to count them as

my friends.



Masato Ochiai

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