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Books and Politicians

I read José Mujica’s book.

Oh? (LOL) (Meaning Aki san’s comment on last week’s Diary)

By chance, I also read it. Actually, I prepared it as a gift for year-end event. So, I was surprised.

Former President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, he is my favorite person.

I feel a great deal of sympathies for him.

His farewell ceremony in February, filled with celebration and gratitude, is so beautiful.

I was moved to tears.

When I’m dissatisfied with today’s society, also having doubts about it, I think “Politicians are to blame!”

But, it's us, who elect such politicians.

If you think, that whoever is elected, nothing will change, it is because you just elected those who won’t be able to change the world.

Exhausting resources without considering, driving various animals to extinction, making poor people in distant countries work at low wages leaving them mired in poverty, selling weapons and nuclear power plant, we are forced to work harder.

I don't want economy to ever develop in that way.

But if someone thinking like this comes along, they won’t be elected. Minority, after all.

Politicians elected with due process in a democratic country, their way of thinking reflects what the majority of people wants.

Thinking of this, I was almost giving up.

Still, It was such Minority’s words and way of life, who supported me when feeling heart and wavering. And It's reassuring to me that there are so many people thinking in the same way

Now I’ve been enjoying to put into practice my ideal of lifestyle rather than fighting. I talk a lot (complaining about politicians) because I'm still immature. I hope I feel refreshed next year.

Blaming no one, just do what I can do.

I got lots of books as a gift this year, which made me realize that my thoughts are empathetically understood. I’m so happy.

I read all comment you guys post in my Diary, that shows an understanding of and empathy with my story. That heals me.

Thanks for the letters as well.

Jose Mujica said in an interview,

"You can’t change Japan, but you can change your thinking.

His book is becoming a hot topic recently, please watch his speech at the international Rio+20 Summit in Brazil that captured the world’s attention.

Well, changing the mood.

Fortunately, I have fully enjoyed reading every single book (sometimes watching DVDs) even more this year, which helped me learn something new.

I don’t know if the contents of the book can be said to be interesting, but I really love it.

I wanted to go watch the movie, but it closed already before I knew it, due to my busy work schedule.

Naomi KAWASE, the director of the film, grows vegetables in her garden using natural farming methods. So I have a feeling of closeness to her unilaterally.



KIndly translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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