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Prison Break

A few years ago, I was much into watching Prison Break Movies. Some of them quite famous, like “The Shawshank Redemption” or “Midnight Express”. And I came to the Name Yoshie Shiratori (a.k.a "The Swan").

Known by inmates as “the Jail break King” he was a Man who lived in the Showa Era and escaped from Prison 4 Times in 26 Years, without ever hurting a Guard or taking hostages, as it seems.

The ways he escaped, sometimes dislocating his limbs to be able to pass through a hole just as big as his head, or rusting the door's grate with the daily provided Miso Soup, are already worth of a Movie.

And every time he was caught, the security got harder, leading him to be chain attached on hand and feet, or to solitary confinement. And after all the difficulties, after escaping again and while being on the run, he finally revealed his own Name to a Police officer in order to be arrested.

A TV Drama based on this Guy, starring Ken Ogata, seems to have been broadcasted more than 30 Years ago, but there's unfortunately, no Film adaptation. So the image had been swelling in my mind.

I wonder what Kind of person he was. That’s the kind of Movie I’d like to see.


Yusuke Morisawa

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