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Winter shooting

December has come.

It is called "Shiwasu" in Japan.

I really like the atmosphere of this time.

By the way, did you (everyone) watch the music video released by Genki-San the other day?

I collaborated with him on the Video shooting and performance a little bit this time.

This very painful lyrics and melodies are so marvelous, isn't it?

I was listening to the music many times thinking about which images Ishould take.

The Opportunity came suddenly, I blew up my image in short time and checked on...

It were quite busy days but so satisfying for me at the same time.

Can you guys guess which scene was taken by me?

Moreover, I took also the Picture for the iTunes Icon, the Book Cover etc.

This picture below shows how this was shot.

Tomizo also helped me in the editing and everything on this Video.

Tomizo did an outstanding work I think.

Thank you so much.

"Who do you think about, when you Listen to this song in this winter...?"


Masato Ochiai

Kindly translated by: Ayumi. (Thanks a lot!)

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