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Muscle up !

Today's training is: "Muscle up"

Muscle up is a kind of Training which is, without exaggerating, the King of Suspension Training.

It makes justice to its Name: Muscle + Up

In this Training, you have to go from Suspension, until the top of the bar at a tremendous speed.

It is easily said, but it seems that no one can Muscle up from the first time on.

I think I was finally able to do it to some extent clean. The efforts bear fruits. (˘ω˘)

I call a clean Muscle-up, the one you can do without backlash on your Legs.

Right now I could do it just a few times, but in the Future I want to be able to do it 10 Times effortlessly.

I will continue to try.

You can’t improve the physical ability overnight, and there are times where you are likely to give up, but you can grow, as you continue trying and not giving up.

And eventually, it is more fun, as just sitting (^_^)

No wonder I was told to be restless as a Child. (LOL)

Training is fun and Healthy



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