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Changing the World

I went to a movie.

There are people throughout the country who are working hard trying to rescue

dogs and cats from being sacrified.

Thanks to the continuous efforts of those who have taken action and got local

government moving, and thanks to those who warm-heartedly adopt dogs, the

number of dogs and cats being sacrified is decreasing every year.

But, sad to say, dogs and cats who cannot find a new family to adopt them,

and which number is up to 100,000 per year, are cruelly sacrified at the end.

On the other hand, popular dogs are bred and sold, and get involved in a

price war.

People who have and have ever had dogs and cats know better about it than me.

But still, there are many who didn’t know it and take it for granted to buy them

in a pet shop.

I believe, knowing what’s going on, is the beginning.

In that sense, this is a significant and meaningful film.

And, one more thing.

Place of production and consumption is far apart these days, so environmental

pollution and exploitation of richness of nature is becoming less visible to us.

We are not conscious about it.

Is today’s japan really rich?

Movements for rethinking our life have occurred all over the place.

I know something about what is portrayed in the two films as information.

But, actual footage and people in the film make me give it another thought.

Vandana Shiva said in an interview,

“Nothing will change if you wait somebody change the world.”

I really want to improve the world right now,

but I believe, it’ll change slowly but surely if I continue effort towards it without

pushing myself too hard.

Long Slow Distance

Hayato Uchiyama


Kindly translated by : Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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