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Christmas Party

I've been absorbed in cooking curry rice lately, and seeking how much delicious curry rice I can cook with a lot of hemming and hawing day by day.

Oops, this isn't Yusuke's diary.

By the way, we went to dance for the Christmas party of a big company.

It was a party where a lot of people participated, and a great space.

Children were running around on the time of our performance and some of them dancing in front of us, imitating our dance. It was such a nice time.

I hope today's party became an unforgettable one for them too.

This pic is a scene of the rehearsal. Three people, barely visible

This is our side.

Before the Performance.

I wish you all can spend a happy Christmas...


Masato Ochiai

Kindly translated by: Ayumi. (Thanks a lot!)

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