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Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good morning (゜0゜●)ノ“

Its a start of a new week.

You guys have also worked hard last week.

It's mid-december already...

2015 is left with 18 days if you include today.

It's coming to the end of the year in the blink of an eye

I think everyone will be spending their days very busy at the end of the year...

Hope you guys take good care of your health condition

and enjoy a warm week like always, feeling warm everyday.

【4 Cat Brothers with Baby Bird and different types of cats...】


[4 cat brothers curled up together...]

Good weather with bright brilliant sun today.

The air feels cold though.

I kept myself warm with steamed meat bun and 40yen instant noodle.

Im going to challenge myself with different types of clothes everyday this week...

Hope you guys have a warm week...


[4 Cat Brothers March...]

(Jiiji`s orange and beige color coordinate]

It was drizzling this morning.

But the rain stopped by noon, and I also managed to see the orange sunset

On a day like this, i had 40yen instant noodle and steam pizza bun again

( ̄▽  ̄●)“


[4 Cat Brothers` peachy buttocks...]

[Jiji`s green color coordinate]

It was also good weather today...

Since it seems like the weather is going to turn bad tomorrow, after I reached home I gave my sneakers a few push of water proof spray

And when I wanted to go wash my hand which was stained with the spray,,

it repels water ヾ(゜0゜●)ノWao!!

Jiji`s hand has become in its twenties...


[Grey cat and Baby Bird are a family...]

[Jjiji`s grey color coordinate]

Today I went back home for a while in the afternoon, out for the second time at night and it rained when I was on my way home.

My water-proof shoes worked like miracle

Even if Jiji is drenched, my shoes are in its twenties...

No, no, its in its teens, Wao!!

( ゜Д゜●)“ thats amazing…


[Beige cat with Baby Bird`s black cat sandwich...]

[Jiji`s beige color coordinate]

Received weather warnings early this morning

The wind was like a Typhoon,

hyuhyu hoo hoo goo-goo

blowing noisily and violently.

The noise outside, it was almost like something has flown past.

The house was shook as though it's going to be blown away

Just like a Typhoon has hit...

Uncomfortable warm breeze, air...

The sky turns bright and sometimes cloudy

The strange look of the weather.

Clouds flow very quickly

and my heart got excited…ヾ(゜0゜●)ノ

The wind dropped something red (Autumn leaves)


[White cat and Bird Egg, they are good buddies]

[Today`s coordinate is off-white with light green color]

The good weather made a complete change from yesterday`s uncomfortable warm typhoon.

The air in the afternoon wasn't that cold

Comfortable Saturday.

Today I went to Shibuya for work.

There were 2 foreigners who looked like real Santa Claus, and a comedians group [TwinCre]

Santa Claus spoke in fluent Japanese as they steped into the backstage dressing room and they wanted to drink wine...aha (´▽`●)

And then, after work was done, Jiiji went for a end-of-the-year gathering with my secondary school mates

I met so many familiar faces and it was a very enjoyable time.

Some of them have kids who are already in college

with a family, and they become grand parents. Everyone had a great smile on them which was wonderful

Go man!! Dad!! Mom!! (゜0゜●\)


[Golden cat with baby bird]

[Jiiji`s stay-at-home coordinate]

Jiji, wears a knitted cap even at home

Jiji`s room is chilly cold...

'Till now, it's not the time for my heater to be out yet...

but I think maybe it's time...

Everyone please keep yourself warm.

Serene weekend...

Trendy angel.

Once again

I wanna say you guys have worked hard for the week

What kind of week is it going to be this time?

A new week has started...

I hope everyone get to spend their week with calm,

peaceful days and moments just like always,

in warm gentle feelings,

I hope the gentle wind will warm your heart for me, quietly...

Everything will be good, everything will be fine.

The wind blew!

come on, feel it...

lets live \(●´∇`)/

【I hope friendly warm smiles of rainbow will surround this world】

Thank you, as always

Off to a new week

Akihiro Takahashi

高橋 昭博

Kindly Translated by: Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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