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The Force Awakens

Good Morning in many, many languages

Good morning.ヾ(゜0゜●)”

A brand new week has started.

Last week, I wonder how did your week went by...

Work should be rushing off your feet everyday since its the end-of-the-year.

Last week I just said its December

and the weather went really nice and warm to 20℃

and just when you realized,

it became the coldest day for winter.

Even the weather is so busy...

Even if its consider warm winter,

I hope you guys will take good care of your body, dont lose to the hastily changing weather.

I hope you guys get to enjoy warm days for the rest of 2015 too...

【STAR WARS Jiiji ( ̄▽  ̄ ●)”】

I don't know STAR WARS that well but...

I did a little research and tried to draw...

Look how I have transformed !



"The Tribe"

A movie that was introducted on TV

and it caught my attention.

It's a movie made with only sign language and there are no subtitles.

You listen carefully to the sound of the street, sound of the air...

the cast's sign langauge, facial expression, body language.

A movie that makes you feel only the hand gestures.

It was a very new feeling to me.

Hear the sound of the air, feel with your eyes.

By the time I realized, I was totally drawn into the world of the creation.

The air was silent, feelings that were visible to my eyes,

vehement at times

This is the first time I feel that way for a movie.

It was difficult to rent that package.

Just a moment with that package that I had...

(( ; ●゜Д゜)”/

That very moment in time...

Why don't you try to feel the atmosphere of this movie...




I woke up at 4:00AM in the morning, so I watched the movie "VACATION"

before I left my house...

A comedy movie starring ED HELMS (The dentist with spectacles from "The Hangover" Films).

A movie that makes you start giggling from the opening..

The incident-filled journey of a nonsensical family,

A show you could watch comfortable and it-s crappy.

Not the kind that makes you go LOL (Laugh Out Loud) but you will be giggling non-stop.

It was a really good movie.



Just-got-out-of-the-bed hair... not even BOBA FETT can help

even if i got BOBA FETT...

it's a morning of BOBA FETT

Nice weather today

Temperature goes up and up, a warm day

eh... winter... where have you gone to (゜.゜●)?…

Sunset was in a vivid orange color.



Cloudy morning... eh...cold...

The sun was also hiding behind the clouds... faintly seen

Sparrows chiripping and rounded themselves up too.

Done with rehearsal I went home for awhile...