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It's unusual for me, but today I publish my diary today on a Tuesday.

It's me, Masato Ochiai.

I'm old enough to be really excited about Christmas coming soon.

Today's topic is what happened on my way home from work.

"I' haven't seen the Illumination this year yet .."

Such a thought crossed my mind suddenly and I went to Omotesando, correcting the course and going though where I usually don't.


What a beautiful sight, isn't it?

The voice of children can be heard from a distance, and lovely couples snuggling each other can be seen.

Hmm...It's a good season.


I also went to such an expensive place as Omotesando Hills by myself.

It was quite a cold day but my heart became warm and went back to my house.

And the next day was a day off work from the afternoon on.

"Oh, by the way I haven't been to see autumn leaves this year yet."

So I went to see them.


I would have thought there were no more autumn leaves left, but I was just enough in time to see them, fortunately.

Fallen leaves seemed to drift in sorrows.

Now the time flies so quickly and the year is ending soon.

The rehearsal of the live concert on New year's eve is going smoothly.

Shall we enjoy the end of this year together?


Masato Ochiai


Kindly translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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