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Energy efficiency

Today's Training is:


The other day, I went for a walk during the intervals of work, and looked at the Illumination at Keyakizaka-Dori-street.

Beautiful illumination, isn’t it? Blue light LED is a great invention. And it is energy-saving, because LED luminous efficacy is higher, compared to the existing incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp.

Therefore, perfect for (Christmas) Illumination.

During the recent years, Illumination has been increasing in various locations on these

grounds. There is not only a positive side to the development of technology, but I feel LED has many positive aspects. Well, after I displayed mysterious bits of knowledge… is TIME for a dream.

If only there would be a system, which converts excess energy from the bicycle or exercise machines in the gym into illumination therein. Such a Gym would be great.

Pedaling and generating power, Weight lifting, Rowing and generating power... It would be really great if such a day would come. An energy independent and self-driven Gym.

It was in the night, that I thought about this, while looking at the LED shimmering lights (LOL).

Let’s workout healthy- and happily. (^^)



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Text KIndly revised by Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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