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An amusing eatery

Speaking about Restaurant Billboards, I get in mind something like: “Welcome” or “Yes, we’re Open”.

Or maybe something like: “Please feel free to come in”

I sometimes see such Billboards. When written like that, I can imagine the atmosphere of the restaurant and feel inclined to go into one of them according to my mood.

And recently I saw this bizarre Billboard.

"It ain’t much if y’all go home” (Very rude way to adress a Customer. Translation Note)

The restaurant was crowded with a lot of Customers.

Maybe this people have really nothing to go back home for.

Or ithere's something else that makes this restaurant attractive.

Or are these customers masochist?

It’s not clear, but the Restaurant Manager must be a sadist.

What if the expressions of the Restaurant Staff have been transformed.

Like if they say : “Wait a minute, boy” instead of “Would you mind waiting for a minute?”

or if they say “Eat it fast, though it’s hot.”, instead of “Please be careful, the plate (food) is very hot.”

I feel I want to go such a restaurant, where the staff is thoroughly impolite to customers.

It could be amusing. (LOL)

Yusuke Morisawa


Kindly Translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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