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Merry X-mas & Graphic Design

Merry Christmas !!

Well, It’s Christmas. A busy feast prevails in the city. And I didn’t catch the Flu this year !!

Normally I could enjoy going out with friends. But because it’s so crowded, I rather stay as much as possible at home. Besides, I had not much to do, so I bought a present for myself.

Yusaku Kamekura ’s works. I just knew he was the man behind the Poster of the Olympic Games 1964 in Tokyo. However, I decided to take a look at the Content.

I had seen just some Graphic Design, so to see it in such detail was wonderful and I was amazed. And the Designs itself had a great impact. From Delicate to Bold. And Unique.

I wish someday a Dance of this Kind would be choreographed, and me being able to dance it.

So everyone if you like Billboards, Posters and Graphic Design, please let me know!

So a nice Holy Night.


Ryuta Tomita


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