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Presents & House Cleaning

Good morning in many many languages.

Good Morning!

Its the start of a new week

It was Christmas last week.

I wonder if little kids get to meet Santa...

Did they wake up receiving present from Santa without knowing...

Hope you guys had a warm Christmas.

How was your week?

Here, we had warm weather everyday, in the afternoon.

I finally started using the heater, just once...

and didnt need it after that.

It would be great if you guys had a week of calm, serene moments, where you could feel a warm breeze.

It has been a week of hard work.

【Jiiji`s week ( ̄▽  ̄●))”】


【The Bow Gang】(Translator's Note: meaning probably Characters from BOWPEACE)

Here is a picture I forgot to upload last Sunday. Sorry about that.

Once again...

Presenting to you【KYLO REN】

Pardon me (_ _ ●;))”



It was good weather today.

Cloudy, blue sky

I was touched by this warm and fuzzy movie.

I suppose everyone will go into holidays from their schools and work this week for the year.

Hope you guys get to spend a nice week, treasure the tranquil moments you get to enjoy out of this busyness.



It was also cloudy today

Blue sky is floating.

Sunlight was comfortably warm.

The evening sky while I was on my way home was also cloudy but brightly lit.


[Buu Chan]

Cloudy day...

The air feels cold.

I finally did house cleaning.

I scrubbed and polished my bathroom area, room, kitchen and they became really clean.

Have you guys started house cleaning?

Once you start...

You wont be able to stop...


[Kirin San]

Today it was warm good weather

So warm that you will feel hot if you have a thick coat over.

Today is Christmas if you say...

Even if only your mood goes Christmasy...

I popped by Ito-Yokado on my way home,

and I found cakes in rows and lots of Chicken.

Amazing ( ;● ゜Д゜)

Joined the crowd, I bought a party set worth 1080 yen

And I bought Daifuku instead of cake... aha

And then, i made Tofu miso soup.

But then... I couldnt finish eating neither...

Maybe I should have this party-set the day after Christmas too.

Hope you guys have a warm Christmas...





The weather for today turn out to be really good...

I wonder if Santa manage to give away presents to kids all over the world without losing his way...

Talk about Jiiji`s Christmas...

I spent my time just waiting for the parcel service to arrive, which was bringing my Dad`s Christmas present...

This was how my Christmas was spent...

The thing is... the parcel arrived only at night...

ahh..ahh..ahh... ( ̄▽  ̄●;)


oh well...

I finally opened up the present that was not supposed to be opened until Christmas as told in the letter, mentioned in previous post ヾ(゜0゜●)ノwaa

And then...

Champagne and Cake too

I had them nicely collected too

Thank you very much ((_ _●))”

Thanks to you guys, I managed to feel some Christmas-like atmosphere.

Hope you guys had a nice Christmas too...



Today was good weather too, Again the weather was warm...

Oh winter... Where have you gone ?

But... as the sun set you will still feel the cold.

Today, I went to an electrical appliance store. to get my Dad a mouse and a mouse pad, and went home afterwards.

It was something which my Dad had long wanted as a present...

His Christmas present was a Notebook, that comes with a lot of other things as set...

Presents from Jiiji the Santa...

After the present arrived yesterday I taught him how to use...

Today, he was still fighting hard...

As he faced the computer...

If you don't get connection to the internet...

He didn't switched on the power for the Wifi

and he just stared at the computer screen...

Fight Dad, I know you can do it... ヾ(゜0゜●)!!

Tonight even the air is cold, the moon shines beautifully, and the stars are fully visible. A warm, friendly weekend everyone ...


【HOPE 3】

It's the last Sunday of the year.

It is also good weather this morning

Started to become cloudy in the afternoon though.

Sun rift between clouds...

You definitely feel cold when the sun is hiding.

Everyone, do take care of your health at the end of the year

Stay warm.

And spend some nice time.

Everyone, it has been a week of hard work.

And then, has school and work gone into holiday...

or it's work for the new year holiday too...

2015 is left with just a few more days.

This year is going to end on this week`s Thursday.

And this is also going to be the last monday Diary for 2015.

I am really thankful for all the warm messages, thank you for reading my long long Diary for this one year.

To everyone I managed to meet this year

To those whom I didnt get to meet

From far away places, countries,

thank you for all the warm voices and gentle smiles all these while.

Warm happenings, sad happenings

So much had happened this year too...

Hope the last week of the year remains unchanged and peaceful.

I hope you will continue to spend every day, every moment of this graceful week in calm and warm feelings...

I hope that gentle wind will blow softly into the heart of everyone around the world...

Everything will be fine. Everything will turn out well.

The wind blew!

Lets feel the last breeze of wind for the year

And also for the new year

Let's live!!!ヾ(゜0゜●)”

【I hope warm gentle wind will surround the world nice and cozy, loops of smiles will spread widely around the world】

To a brand new week

To the last week of 2015...

Off we go!!! \(´∇`●)”

Akihiro Takahashi

高橋 昭博

Kindly translated by: Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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