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Presents & House Cleaning

Good morning in many many languages.

Good Morning!

Its the start of a new week

It was Christmas last week.

I wonder if little kids get to meet Santa...

Did they wake up receiving present from Santa without knowing...

Hope you guys had a warm Christmas.

How was your week?

Here, we had warm weather everyday, in the afternoon.

I finally started using the heater, just once...

and didnt need it after that.

It would be great if you guys had a week of calm, serene moments, where you could feel a warm breeze.

It has been a week of hard work.

【Jiiji`s week ( ̄▽  ̄●))”】


【The Bow Gang】(Translator's Note: meaning probably Characters from BOWPEACE)

Here is a picture I forgot to upload last Sunday. Sorry about that.

Once again...

Presenting to you【KYLO REN】

Pardon me (_ _ ●;))”



It was good weather today.

Cloudy, blue sky


I was touched by this warm and fuzzy movie.

I suppose everyone will go into holidays from their schools and work this week for the year.

Hope you guys get to spend a nice week, treasure the tranquil moments you get to enjoy out of this busyness.



It was also cloudy today

Blue sky is floating.

Sunlight was comfortably warm.

The evening sky while I was on my way home was also cloudy but brightly lit.


[Buu Chan]