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Ma' Quiz

How are you spending your New Year days?

As for me, after the Culture Festival additional performance, I got some days off and went around many places.

I started to move with my head refreshed.(^-^)

Then I was looking back to where I had been, just by the pictures.

Since it is a rare opportunity I would give you some quizzes.

"Ma (Masato's) quizzes! Where am I?"

The first quiz is this.

This place became topic on Instagram so I visited it.

I got really refreshed by feeling the nature.

The next is this place.

I expect you lead the right answer only by pictures.

The hint is that I got into Ankake-spaghetti, which I ate for the first time in my life.

It was so delicious.

The last is this.

This is the place that I wanted to visit someday from before.

Could you tell the place only by this pic of twilight?

This place was a town of the old days and also made nice pictures wherever I clicked my camera shutter.

Was your heart healed?

These are the three quizzes.

If you were able to answer one question you're "Ma (Masato) average luck",

If you were able to answer two questions, you're "Ma(Masato) average good luck", and

If you were able to answer three questions, it is "Ma(Masato) excellent luck"

Which I would certify.

Can you answer these difficult questions!?

And I'm going to make sprint over this year too, so best regards.

At last the dinner party and bowling tournament, which is an annual event of my family, was held secretly. The winner was my mother.

She aimed to be a professional player on her young days so I was no match for her.

We have held this meeting for these years, and every year the winner has been Mom.

I 'll do my best next year.

Not giving up in the heart, is the only way to reach the higher (exaltation).


Masato Ochiai

Kindly translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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