• Aki

A Cozy week... let's go!

Good Morning!!ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ

Good morning in many many languages....

New year comments

Happy birthday comments

Lots of heart-warming comments

Thank you very much everyone!

Thanks to you guys, I had a very joyous welcome of the arrival of my 37th birthday.

Being able to make a jump to the new year with all of you at the Culture Festival made a great start to my year.

Thank you very very much.

10 days have past for the year 2016

Did you manage to take a good rest during new year holiday?

I suppose school and work has started...

Busy everyday during the year end and beginning of the new year

The weather turns warm and cold

and it must have been tough...

Hope you guys managed to start your 1st month of 2016 in great health and keep yourself warm...

【Cozy (●´∇`)”】