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A Cozy week... let's go!

Good Morning!!ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ

Good morning in many many languages....

New year comments

Happy birthday comments

Lots of heart-warming comments

Thank you very much everyone!

Thanks to you guys, I had a very joyous welcome of the arrival of my 37th birthday.

Being able to make a jump to the new year with all of you at the Culture Festival made a great start to my year.

Thank you very very much.

10 days have past for the year 2016

Did you manage to take a good rest during new year holiday?

I suppose school and work has started...

Busy everyday during the year end and beginning of the new year

The weather turns warm and cold

and it must have been tough...

Hope you guys managed to start your 1st month of 2016 in great health and keep yourself warm...

【Cozy (●´∇`)”】


Before I realized, I had already turned 37 years old...

Although it's my birthday, I didn't really do anything special in particular.

But then, since it's my birthday, I went to the supermarket to get Steak and Bean Sprout, grilled and it went nicely into my stomach.

Citrus sauce mixed with grated radish... i haven't had it for sometime. and it still tasted great...

And then, all the comments filled with warmth

And... Miu-chan, and Ryo-chan and Chocolat, all 3 siblings sent me a video...

[Happy Birrthday NiiNii...]

(Translator note: The correct way to spell congratulation in Japanese is 「Omedetou」, but they spelt it as「Omeretou」)

Re... both of them

Both of them seems to think it was supposed to be spelt as [Re]…(´∇`●)″

Thanks to them, I had a heartwarming birthday while I had my meat.

Thank you for the splendid birthday.


After I reached home today, I read the messages received from you guys.

I feel so loved, my heart is all warm and cozy …(●´∇`)

At that moment, I could hear Miu-chan and Ryo-chan's voices

They had came to visit and we all shared the many received sweets.

And then, my brother...

He showed me a Video made with the Theme Song from "Abunai Deka" ("Running Shot by Kyohei Shibata).

Listen to this song makes me want to run like Kyohei Shibata...

I tried to hold back such feelings

But I really wanna thank you for the song and video that made me all so excited.

(Translator Note: Following Fragment are Song Lyrics )

"It can be hassle to put up a brave front. Acting whimsical just makes you look more like a fool.

Let's go!"

"Throw, even if its just one selfish parting shot

laugh even if you dont want to, run yourself through it. Let's Go!!"

If you want to hear this Lyrics on the Video, here the Romaji Version -->

"Iki gatte miseru no mo mendōna hanashi sa kimagurena furi o shite odokete iru dake iku ze! ! " (Min 0:41)

"Kattena sute zerifu no hitotsu demo nagetsuke muri ni demo waratte kakenukete iku sa iku ze! !"(MIn. 1:38)

Hey lets go!!ヾ(゜0゜●)″


Today together with Ma-kun

Both of us went for the recording of the new song

When we received the demo-tape we thought it was really difficult (|| ●゜Д゜)

We received advice while we practiced, and we finally got through the recording...

At a nice studio, we play around at the deck

looking as if we are managing it

And then, Ma-kun`s recording scene

Great song,

as we add on moves to the song,

I want to make it into a great piece


Drank the coffee that I received, and I set off.

Recently I keep receiving gifts.

I'm really glad I can put them to use.

Thanks to everyone, I'm pretty much alive and full of vigor.

Today is the 7th day of January

The buses and trains ain't that crowded yet.

But on my return trip at the Shinagawa Station

there were reporters and cameramen, and full of people...

I knew it only at evening news

Ha…(´△ ` ●)…It was really sad news...

There are so many kinds of people.

Be nice to people around you.

Live warm and well...


Today i was on my bicycle from my hometown

And I went for hatsumode at Kawazaki Daishi alone.

There is still so many people, so many shops open.

Many workers and students

I think its going to be very crowded over the weekend...

I showered myself with the smoke and prayed.

Bought an amulet and drew a fortune

Had a walk around the shops and went home.

I greedily prayed for my family, my relatives, members, and those who support us...

Sorry for being such a noosy..

On my way back

The sky that i looked up to

The sun was covered by large white waves of clouds, making it look all so exciting(゜0゜●)″

What appeared among the sea of sky, was a big white whale... Swimming so comfortably across the sun.


It was freezing cold this morning...((° , ° ○))″ hyo-

Without much thought, I put on my down jacket in the room.

I melted the chocolate I received in milk...

keeping myself warm with hot chocolate (´・`●)”

Today, the sun shadow feels cold.

When I'm at the train platform, I could feel the cold wind blow...

When I went back home,

I had Kane no Nobe Bou (A kind of Chocolate snack) given to me from my relative

Ah... (To jiji...)

I cut the Kankoro rice cake of Nobe Bou

and bake it in the oven..,

Kankoro rice cake is really delicious...

I wonder if the weekend air is going to feel cold...

Have a warm weekend everyone...

Thanks to everyone, my week, the first week of January was full of warm feelings.

Really really really thank you very much.

Hope everyone spends their new week, everyday, every moment of this graceful week in calm and warm feelings...

I hope that gentle wind will blew softly into the heart of everyone...

Things will go well!!! Dont worry!!!

The wind blew

Feel it...

Lets live!!!\(●´∇`)゛

【I hope warm gentle warm loops of smiles will spread widely around the world】

Off to a brand new week...

(Monday late night movie [Mata mata Abunai Deka)

I think this will be on air.

I wonder if you guys get to watch it...

Off to record the show!!!! Let's go ! \(_ _ ●)″

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

Kindly Translated by: Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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