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Eatery Hopping

I went to the Frank Gehry Exhibition. He developed the Idea of breaking boundaries of “common sense” in architecture. The exhibition made understandable his way of thinking and forming an idea. It was interesting!

To break boundaries by creating an idea, and his technique, of breaking them again and again it’s something it can’t be imitated I think... LOL.

I think it’s very professional to accomplish what he did despite limitations of cost and time. It was stimulating.

To break such common sense, can be considered as movement. I would like to live in such an environment. It would be surely challenging.

Now, we came back from Fukuoka yesterday. I love the delicious Kyushu rice. This time with all Gourmands, we did 4 eateries in a row… and stuffed us full eating and drinking. Perfect for physical strength!

And now, it’s Friday, enjoy eating, drinking, dancing and munching towards the weekend!



Ryuta Tomita

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