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Gone memories...

Good Morning ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ

Good Morning in many, many languages

Everyone, the many photos that I took,

images used for creating journal images, diary

Everything, all of them, every single one, poof!


What exactly happened…(゜.゜○ ) mind goes blank

The beautiful evening sky of Fukuoka Airport

and just anything about this week, is just a blank...

As white as Eisaku Yoshida, Taishuu Kase, Tom Cruise`s T-shirt

Even my head goes blank (white) ((((゜.゜)))

Since Sunday morning

The Princess Mononoke that appears

and becomes the face just like KODAMA train...

Thats why, im really sorry for this week

I couldn't send your guys any beautiful sky or diary.

I could still take photos

Other than losing all e-mails and images

My phone didn't show anything unusual...


But this is enough of abnormality!!!

Memories from last year, all blank...

But then...

What can I do.


If it was Mr Shibata Kyouhei

[This is nothing to do with me], dont you ever say that!!

Alright!!!, there is nothing I can do

Get over it and start afresh


Yeah!(- . ? )

*falls* (_ _ )

Nono im not gonna lose!!





Haaaaa…( _ _)/‖

well... gonna move on

I will send you guys new photos that I take, the beautiful sky, gentle wind.


I'm still alive

Alot of things... but

all things warm, all that is gentle

will stay in my heart

Stand firm and feel the wind

Let`s go on and live now and tomorrow!!

A brand new week has started

Last week, it was predicted that even Kanto will have its first snow for the year

It was a week of cold air...

On Thursday, Friday

I was at Fukuoka for work.

I was given a chance to even go to Fukuoka.

On way back, of course I bought that.

(Hakata Torimon: Japanese Snacks)

It was delicious as expected.


(17th day of 2016)

(The only photo left in my mobile phone ( _ _))

Hope you guys get to spend every day, every moment of your new week in a calm and cozy mood.

The gentle wind will always blow into everyone`s heart...

Chilled body, finger tips, the heart...

Hope the wind will quietly warm you guys for me...

Dont worry!! Dont worry!! Dont worry!!

The wind blew

Lets feel it...

Lets live!!!\(●´∇`)゛

【Hope this world will be surrounded by warm smiles...】

To the new week

[Get ready in 40seconds](Doora)

Off we go...

(I wont be able to update my Diary journal next week... I will get it done for you guys once im back(●_ _))

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

Kindly translated by Ray. Y. (Thanks a lot)

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