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Snow and lost Sky

This is the beautiful evening sky at Fukouka Airport that Aki san wanted to share with you guys, isn’t it?

It’s very beautiful and everybody took photos of it.

And I took the same, too.

Recently, I went to listen to the long-awaited presentation of Mr. Akinori KIMURA

Hearing directly from him, was different from what I read and watch through media. It was fun to hear.

Mr. Katsuhiko UEDA is good at talking and his story was interesting as well.

Speakers who proactively do what they can do for future generations in each area and a very interested audience had gathered there. I feel the social trend is steadily changing.

Mr. KIMURA said, everybody says “It’s impossible” before they even start.

If you do nothing, you can achieve nothing, but if you do something, you will get close to achievement.

Recently I realized the world has already changed just after I took any action.

I think such action will change what I can see and what I meet.

Yesterday, snow had fallen in Tokyo and the streets were covered with Snow. Everybody was walking carefully, with concentration.

I too, concentrated on walking, crunching snow under my feet.


Hayato Uchiyama

Kindly Translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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