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In the freezer

Good Morning. ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

The Monday Diary is a little late this week.

This last week too, everyone has worked hard.

Snow fell over Japan and we took off for Shanghai. Saturday in Shanghai, it was cold like a freezer.

It was like sitting on an ice chair inside a freezer with a ventilator on, and eating some spoons of grated ice.

It might sound exaggerated, but up to 2016, up to my 37 years, it was the first time I felt such a cold.

But it was good to experience this environment.

And in Japan it’s been cold too. Please, keep yourself warm and don’t let your physical condition be disturbed.

【 “Jiiji’s freezing experience” /(´^`●)\”】


(18th day of 2016)

The first winter snow from last night, got mixed with rain this morning.

I woke up in the morning to the sound of droplets falling over a sherbet road, cold thaw in the air…

In the Kanto Region, public transportation got in big, big panic, due to the snow.

I felt weak again and again on the snow today.

I wonder how they do in Hokkaido.

Snow was piling up and icicles hanging down,

Taxis moving on a snow country… a very unusual downtown. Transportation was difficult, everyone needed hours to get to school or work…

You guys really worked hard, thank you very much. Please take care where you step on the frozen ground…

But at night, the sky was beautifully clear, and the Moon and Stars shone bright.


19th day of 2016

This morning there’s little remaining of the piled up snow, The air blows cold even under the sunshine.

After I got home, I warmed my cold body with some hot coffee and 2 Kankoro mochi (rice cake with sweet potato) baked in the oven. They were great…


20th day of 2016

Today we have good weather but still cold air. From early in the morning I went shopping to the home

center to get myself equipped for Shanghai tomorrow.

At lunch time I tried a recipe I had seen recently on TV “Devil’s Toast”

It is Toast with large amounts of sugar and melted cheese.

I actually didn’t use much sugar but it was still sweet and delicious. It might make a nice snack for children, I guess.

All kind of preparations for the Journey to Shanghai tomorrow. (゜へ゜●)\”


21st day of 2016

(Shanghai Day 1)

We have good weather and we’ll be in Shanghai from today on. My heart is pounding, it is my first time in China.

And now, “Jiiji’s Toast” : Toast sprinkled with minced chicken, mayonnaise and melted cheese… absolutely delicious.

And then, from Haneda International Airport to Shanghai. Landed in about 3 hours, in a large airport.


After putting our luggage in the hotel, we went all together for dinner. My first Shanghai food was a Burger with eggs and tomato.

From tomorrow on, we feel the Shanghai day-to-day good wind. (Let's go!!)



22nd day of 2016

(Shanghai Day 2)

Because of Rain, we can’t head to Shanghai’s famous sights (No sightseeing).

Oh, But Shanghai is full of amazing Buildings.

I wore a Jacket… but I still felt cold… I wonder if we will be all right tomorrow just in our Suits.

In the Evening I’m so worried about it that I ate a large amount of fries at the Hotel’s Buffet.


Then we all went for a Drink to the Bar across the street. We got some Wine served by an adorable granny, in a nice retro space…


23rd day of 2016

(Shanghai Day 3)

First bites of cold…

i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-!!!! ((((((○゜Д゜)))))″″

Today, the highest Temperature is 0°and the lowest, minus 5°C

Ooooo-hooooo-o-o-o-o !!!

The wind is also stronger, the body feels extremely cold, or I should rather say, the fingertips are like inside a freezer, the joints stiff like stone…

Only with the Suits…

almost die…

it is really extremely cold.

There’s a snow storm in the morning...

The roofs of the neighbourhood turn white in a blink of an eye.

Going out feels like a freezer, despite the sun rays and nice weather.

It was great to experience Shanghai intense cold winter.

By the way, for tomorrow, the weather forecast prognoses a highest temperature of

Minus -7°C and a lowest of minus-10°C ……(゜▽゜○;)

Ooooooooh… ooooh…Oooooh!! \(゜へ゜●)!!!″ Do not freeze… (-人 – ●)″

In the morning, the letters in my Hand got to vanish…


24TH day of 2016

(Shanghai Day 4)

Waaaaaaaaaaaaa – Aaaaaaaaaaaaa – Aaaaaaaaaaa !!!! freezing !!! ((( ̄Д  ̄;○)))″″″

It’s cold…

A strong wind blows in the freezer

(((TД T ○;))) ""

The streets are full of Puddles… kachikochikachikochi... (TN:

Onomatopoeia for ice forming?)

The streets in the morning, in the evening and the night…

according to the weather forecast, with the minus temperatures, it will all stay frozen for a while.

In Japan, it is cold too… so everybody, please take care of your physical condition and don’t catch a cold.

One week of good work, thank you very much.

I wonder how your week was.

I hope you guys could all spend every day with warm and friendly hearts.

I hope your week will remain steady and calm, in warm feelings...

I hope gentle, warm winds will blow softly through your mind...

Everything will be fine, everything will be Okay.

The wind blew… let’s feel it. Let’s live !!! \(●´∇`)゛

[I hope the whole world will be wrapped in warn and gentle smiles]

Off to a new week.

Have a nice day.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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