• Masato

Strawberries and a Treasure...

For the ‘WORLD ORDER Strawberry picking Tour’, Thank you all very much ♬

During the time traveling on the Bus, during the Strawberry picking or on our Treasure Hunt game, it was great to have contact with many of you!

I’m sorry for my clumsy talk in the Bus, it was long time since I had the chance to gather with you all, but I had a lot of fun and it was a happy time.

And I wonder if the little children who were with us also enjoyed it? ☆

I was actually having so much fun that I forgot to take Pictures….

The Members split up and got into their respective Buses.

Joony was the Tour guide on our Bus.

Bus sets off at almost flying speed~

Nimble Talk ~

We all gathered for Lunch

Shirasu Pot (Stew?) and Rice’

It was very tasty

And then, it came the Strawberry picking.

It was my first experience ~

They were really delicious; I could have eaten 100 ~