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Happy New Year II !

A happy new year.!

I spent the end of my 2015 on the live Show and started 2016 also on the live Show, that was so an exciting New Year's Eve.

I really appreciate for everyone who came to the additional performance of the culture festival.

I always spend the end of year watching a TV program "passing year and coming year", so my heart was beating so quickly by spending New year eve with so many people!

I was able to jump at the moment of the coming New year thanks to Aki-San♫

And I say thank you very much from my heart always, for the beautiful flowers.

Then new year has come and I'd like to push my way turning over a new leaf.

As we talked at the live Show, some of the stages overseas have been decided.

We have to tackle the jobs resting on New year in moderation, but please excuse for me to eat a little bit more rice cakes .(^-^)

I and Ucchi(Hayato Uchiyama) are Men of the year!

I am going to take full Man power in the Year of the Monkey♫

For all the people....

I wish everyone would have a great year...


Masato Ochiai

Kindly translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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