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Jump into 2016 !

A HAPPY NEY YEAR !! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages

Good Morning.

A new year has begun!

How was your year-end and new year, everybody?

Did you get to relax yourself and enjoy cozy and warm moments?

From the Year 2015 to 2016

a beginning of a new year

I hope you guys had mellowed out with spending a warm year end.

【Jump from 2015 into 2016 (●´∇`)”】


(4 days to 2016)

This year 2015 is left with just a few days...

this week, means the end of this year and coming of a new year

I wonder what kind of week is it going to be for you all

Hope you enjoy a great new year...


(3 days to 2016)

A journey in search of happiness

Isn't it amazing to feel happiness just because the wind blew?

Yes!! This is going to be the present for end-of-the-year,Culture Festival !!


(2 days to 2016)

Culture festival, two shows today.

This time, we are also using the passage along the seats aisle.

So nervous... I guess no one expected such a performance, right?

It was a very refreshing response from everyone.

I feel really happy to see so many people gathered with us during this busy season.

Hope we managed the warm atmosphere to reach those who couldnt make it to the event,

Thank you so much for the last warm wind of 2015

I hope you will have a great year ahead of you <(_ _●)>


(24 hours to 2016)

This year we had our countdown

and a jump towards 2016 with everyone at the event !! \(´∇`●)/”


A new year 2016 has opened up.

I'm really happy to be able to greet the New Year with everyone under the same roof

Hope this happiness reaches those who are far away too...

I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year too.

Wish everyone a great year ahead...


(1st day of year 2016)

By the time I reached home after the countdown, it was already 5AM...

Unloaded the weigh on my back, and simply lay on the carpet and slept till morning.

My body was all worn out, snapping, so I soaked in a bath.

And I spent my 1st day of New Year with parents and brother`s family at my parent`s house.

I played with Miu Chan and Ryo Chan, and all of us were looking at the photos taken while we were young..

I had such a lack of sleep that I stayed in bed all day

I felt like I was experiencing jet lag on my 1st day of New Year

Wish everyone had a warm New Year...


(2nd day of year 2016)

Today I went to the new House my brother`s family had moved in to with my parents.

Miu and Ryo ran as they came to welcome me.

From the room, you will be able to see Yokohama Minatomirai and Mount Fuji.

A room where you can feel warm sunshine.

It has been sometime since I visit Chocolat and she looks a little grown up and settled down.

It really sooths my heart just by playing with Miu, Ryo and Chocolat.

Have a great weekend everyone...


(3rd day of year 2016)

It has been a week of sunny sky.

Sun looks orange in color during sunset

Moon and stars filled the night

Calm looking sky

I wonder if your 1 week and New Year was as calm feeling as the sky.

I am looking forward to your continuous support this year too <(_ _ ●)>″

Thank you so much for 2015, you guys have worked hard.

Hello to the New Year

Start of a brand new week.

And then, the very first Monday of 2016

Hope everyone`s year and week is going to be a peaceful one

Hope everyone spends a good year, everyday, every moment of your week in kind-hearted mood.

I hope warm wind blows gently into everyone`s heart.

I hope it brings warm and gentleness to everyone...

Everything will be fine. Things will turn out well.

The wind blew!

Lets feel it...

Lets live!!!\(●´∇`)゛

【I hope the world would be wrapped in gentle, warm smiles ...】

To a new year

To a new week

Off we go...

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

Kindly Translated by: Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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