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Strawberries & other fruits

Thank you for joining us on the “Strawberry picking Tour”.

You guys must be tired from the long bus ride. Strawberry picking, treasure hunting, talking with you in the bus and so on, it turned out be a lot of activities, we all really enjoyed the tour with you.

We’ve never organized the event like this and especially I was worried about having a long talk in the bus.

But I relaxed and talked whatever I like, though I am usually not good at talking.

It was so much fun.

So I hardly took pictures.

There’s only few.

I answer the question: “What kind fruit picking do you like to go?” and “What kind fruit do you like?”


I’d rather grow a persimmon tree.

I like persimmon which soften a little bit. I want to make “Kaki-shibu” (persimmon juice).

Putting extra persimmon in the mountain for animals which don’t have enough food, I want to prevent them from coming down to human dwellings.


I was really into it last summer.

I believed in the past that fig skin was not edible, but it turned to be good when I ate it.

Recently, I found out fig is my mother’s favorite, though I hardly saw her eating it at my parents’ home. Unexpectedly, I found parent-child resemblance in this situation.



Forgive me, it’s not a fruit. Putting it in miso soup and sprinkling it on rice, is often used and convenient.

Keeping you warm.

Pickled Ginger. (Shoga Gari)

Sliced pickled Ginger (Gari Gari) ...and so on.

I'd like to do various things.

I heard many people became sick after the Strawberry picking Tour.

Are you all right?

Please keep warm, drink enough fluids, and take a good rest.

I hope you get well soon.

I’m looking forward to seeing you again.


Hayato Uchiyama

KIndly translated by Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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