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One week in India

Good Morning ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good morning in many, many languages.

The start of a new week and I’m a little late, I’m sorry…

Sunday Night, I travelled to India, leaving from Haneda and passing through China.

Now I’m safely back home in Japan. / (゜▽゜●)”

【One week in INDIA ( ´∇ ` ●)”】


32nd Day of 2016

(Shanghai --> India Day 1)

From Haneda, we flew about 3 hours to Shanghai, where we made a short Stopover… then continued about 8 hours and 30 Minutes. A total Travel time of 11:30 Min. As we reached New Delhi’s airport, a vivid orange color was sinking on the Horizon, and before landing the lights of the cars on the city streets were beautiful.

At the Airport, the Male-Female Toilet-Signs were easy to understand thanks to big Model’s Pictures.

I had seen New Delhi’s Airport on a TV Series I like very much (“Tabisaru”).

We enter a new Month, and from tomorrow on we will be in India. I wonder what kind of new things we will meet? Let us all have a warm week together…


33rd Day of 2016

(India Day 2)

Starting early in the morning with rehearsal, then 1 hour to the Motor Show Venue…

It’s a huge Venue… DokiDoki

On the way back to our Hotel, Tomizo and I made a little stroll on the surroundings, and I was moved by the friendliness of the people in India. Everyone has beautiful eyes and lovely smiling faces, and the Indian-accent English is fascinating…

Then we took an Auto Rickshaw back to the Hotel… It was a short adventure, but a very nice time.


34th Day of 2016

(India Day 3)

Woke up quite early this morning. Time goes slow until our starting time.

It is warm and sunny during the day but nights are cool here in India. Daytime is cheerful as in spring… In Shanghai during our Stopover it was minus -1° … as usual I was cold…

I wonder if it’s still cold in Japan.

Today, on the way back from our first day Production I could see shortly the beautiful orange Sunset. It’s hardly transmitted on the Pictures… it was very vivid and fantastic.


35th Day of 2016

(India Day 4)

We start a little bit slow in the morning today.

On the way to the motor show, the sun is glaring down and our interpreter explains us in fluent Japanese that India has all 4 seasons in one day…and

(° ▽ ° ●) on the street, indeed

Morning- Spring

Day- Summer

Evening- Autumn;

Night -Winter

Certainly ... That’s lovely… I’m delighted.

I think India is a great country. However, as we come to another neighbourhood, my heart becomes as desolate as the landscape…

Things are burned into my eyes…

The Gap between rich and poor is very intense in India.

Homeless people, elderly and children, disabled in one way or another…

It’s wrong, and I grasp the darkness…

Children are the future… and should be allowed to dream about tomorrow. I pray that such a day will come.

Sorry, my heart has become desolate…

Today the 2nd day of Production. Again, many people filling the Venue…

Evening in the car, moving towards the night-winter, on this 4 Seasons India…


36th Day of 2016

(India Day 5)

Today we were working on various places, since the morning. We came to a place where dogs were all over the place, lying down or sleeping. Also squirrels, and cows crossing the road. And lots of birds flying and some horses. Yesterday we saw a monkey and today elephants, but I haven’t seen any cat. I was thinking about this when unexpectedly several small cats in a row walked by. Good friends or Family, I wonder. It was a nice scene and made my heart feel almost warm and fluffy.

Both animals and human living together, normally in daily life… that scene felt very nice. every day

And from the car’s window I saw the innocent smile of children, and an old man feeding a Dog…

a warm wind blowing all over…

May those smiles last indefinitely… for this, I pray.


37th Day of 2016

(India Day 6)

We have the day off today. I go out for some sightseeing with Masato, Yusuke, and Ucchy.

We went to a “Pirates of the Caribbean” Theme Restaurant for lunch. The Beer, Fries, Tempura and mashed Potatos were delicious. The Curry was a bit salty but also tasty.

After Lunch… the Taj-Mahal influenced HUMAYUN’S TOMB.

A large building on a vast Land.

(° ▽ ° ●)

Walking over the red soil, walking on the castle walls, all the green, made me feel a pleasant wind.

Afterwards, we took a stroll on the Hotel’s surroundings, and as we were back to the Hotel, a Hand grabbed me from behind. When I turned my head to see (゜∇゜●)/” The Guy who drove the Auto Rickshaw back to the Hotel on the 2nd. Day. MY FRIEND! he says. He’s still a nice and funny guy and I take some Pictures of him. (● ̄∇ ̄)

Without even noticing I’ve made some friends in India. It was a happy reunion. Take care Otchan.

I’ll pray to all the Gods in India that we may see us again, someday…


38th Day of 2016

(India Day 7 and last)

Various feelings today… it rained for the first time… we, in our Suits in the Streets of India…

One week staying in India. So many feelings… so many things to look back at…

so different cheerful people who can communicate without speaking English, with smiles and gestures… and my eyes are full of the People's eyes, of the animals, full of the Indian air I felt…

In a jumble of mixed feelings, I want to smile again and feel I can come back some day. See you soon.

Everybody, Thank you for a week of good work.

I hope you all had a friendly week.

To those of you, whose physical condition was disturbed

And those whose heart became empty after a single incident: may the good memories stay with you forever. Recall and cherish the warm smiles in your hearts.

Also last week, felt the warm and pleasant wind to the fullest. It was a good week.

I wish you all, this next week will be steady, and you can spend it with nice and warm feelings.

I wish gentle winds will blow to your hearts and minds.

Everything will be fine.

Everything will be OK.

The wind blew…

Let’s feel it

Let’s live!!! (●´∇`)゛

[I wish the world will be wrapped in gentle and warm smiles]

To a new week

Have a nice day.

(Sorry, also next week, I think the Update will be late)

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi.

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