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Thank you Thailand

After the beginning of the new year, two busy months have passed.

As I had reported on the Culture Festival 2, we went to Shanghai, India and Thailand.

The event of strawberry picking was held and we also visited Fukuoka.

I really appreciate the messages through the diary, letters or twitter.

Thankfully we came back to Tokyo after we completed our job without any problems.

When I see people across a town, a thought hits my mind as I would never see them again.

Then, a wonderful feeling comes up because I felt something miraculous at the moment .

If I could meet them again, I would shake hands with them, yes I will do...

By the way, here are pictures at Thailand, that we visited the other day.

There, we did two television reports and radio; there were fortunately quite busy days.

This pic is in front of the Event Venue. The stage of cherry blossoms was very Japanese and so beautiful.

This picture is a commercial Poster for the city.

I wonder... my hairstyle looks like a crew cut. It reminded me of my junior high school days.

Of course, we enjoyed Yatai at night.

The deliciousness and cheapness of the dishes were surprising.

Then, we are doing our best right away after we came back to Japan!

I am looking forward to seeing you all again!


Masato Ochiai

Kindiy translated by: Ayumi. (Thanks a lot!)

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