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From Thailand to Japan

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Um....! i think i miscounted the days by a day.

Pardon my miss!

This week was supposed to be 46th day of Year 2016...

I was back from Thailand of warmth and friendiness on Monday.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone from Thailand again, someday.

I will work hard in Japan,

carry the warm feelings in my arms,

and return to Thailand. Khob khun krab (´人 ` ●)”

It has been for sometime since I spend a week in Japan

Looking up to the sky, the orange sunset

Starry night with the moon and rain...

The sky connects the world, from no matter where

Which ever sky it is

it always make me feel relax and gentle at heart for a moment.

Everyone too, Look up to the sky

and take a deep breath \(゜〇゜●)/”

It has been a week of hard work

Good morning to a brand new week!!!

【From THAILAND to Japan ( ´∇ ` ●)”】


46th day of 2016


This morning, back from Thailand, I bid everyone goodbye at departure from the airport.

Alone, to a different direction, I took the NEX.

In the morning, the sky was still looking clear and blue but

sometime after I was back, sound of rain...

and at night, it snowed.

It seems like yesterday`s Japan was warm like summer.

But today, it was snowing... Intense change everyday...

Hope the new week would be a nice and warm week for everyone.


47th Day of 2016

Today, I spend my day slowly

Homeshut myself to allow my body to rest.

Morning was bright and nice weather

At dusk, I was healed by the orange sunset.

When i realized, i was already in my world of dreams...

As I spend my day lying at my side

Resting my body...

Indulging in luxurious time for a day.

There is work tomorrow.

The warm power that I received from Thailand

Kept in my heart, as I live my life to the fullest

Lets live\(゜▽゜●)”


(48th day of Year 2016

Today was work at Osaki.

The sun was warm during th day

Osaki at dusk...

Sunray peeping between buildings...

Today, my work doesn't involve the general public

It has been for sometime,

I wonder how will it be like...

and just as I thought so

(゜▽゜●) Ohhh

I saw faces of fans...

Thankfully for their presence,

The atmosphere of the event which I thought would be so stiff, turned out that I could have conversations as per normal.

It had been overseas work all along...

So I really feel at ease even though it has been a while since work is in Japan.

Thank you.

On my way home, as I looked up at the sky,

there was so many stars, smile moon

Seems like tomorrow is going to be good weather...


49th Day of 2016

Today, leisurely spent day

I made Pizza toast and Sugar Toast using the bread I received yesterday.

The bread was soft and chewy and it tasted very delicious.

Thank you for the treat.

Today's sun was warm too

and at night, the rooftop was calm and peaceful.


50th Day of 2016

Good weather today too

Today, I went to Jimbo-cho for some editing work.

Since I reached a little early, I went to a bookstore.

and purchased a book ,「Run」「Secret」by Hada Keisuke.

It came with his personal autograph! (゜▽゜●)”Yes!

And then I laze at the bench, basking in the sun...

So warm....

I got myself DVD of Shibata Kyohei,「Beppin no Machi」 at the office (゜∇゜●)”

Long way back, I have been thinking of watching this show, but somehow i didn't get to.

So I was really happy!

Today was a fantastic day with my Hada Keisuke autograph and

Shibata Kyohei,「Beppin no Machi」

On way back home, I transferred at the subway

I almost lose my way

But somehow I managed to get home...

The new MV might be just another good piece of work this time too.

Still need to wait for a little while but...

Please look forward to it.


51st day of 2016

It rained the whole day today.

Again, I used the bread I received

and made Sugar toast,

and with meat, ketchup and cheese, I made pizza toast.

Although it was raining the whole day

Because we rarely have rain for the entire day

Somehow it seems like a good day once in a while like this.

Hope everyone get to spend their nice weekend, relaxing and feeling warm.


52nd day of 2016


Today, the rain finally stopped after the continuous raining from yesterday.

Blue sunny sky, appearing from behind the clouds

The sunset at the rooftop at dusk too

was as usual, calm, and radiantly lit in orange.

On such day, I made Miso soup, which i havent made for sometime.

(Cabbage miso soup)

Warmed my heart and body.

Well, a new week has began again.

Hope your weekend had been calm and peaceful...


It has been a week of hard work.

It's the start of a brand new week.

This week, was spent in Japan

Although there was work

I feel really at ease when I see the smiles on everyone's faces.

Thank you very much.

Hope you guys get to spend every day, every moment of your new week in calm and cozy mood.

The gentle wind will always blow into everyone`s heart and keep you warm...

Dont worry!! Things will be fine!!

The wind blows...

Let's feel it...

Let's live!!! \(●´∇`)゛

【Hope the world will be embraced by warm smiles】

To the next week

See ya...

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

Kindly translated by: Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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