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From Thailand to Japan

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Um....! i think i miscounted the days by a day.

Pardon my miss!

This week was supposed to be 46th day of Year 2016...

I was back from Thailand of warmth and friendiness on Monday.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone from Thailand again, someday.

I will work hard in Japan,

carry the warm feelings in my arms,

and return to Thailand. Khob khun krab (´人 ` ●)”

It has been for sometime since I spend a week in Japan

Looking up to the sky, the orange sunset

Starry night with the moon and rain...

The sky connects the world, from no matter where

Which ever sky it is

it always make me feel relax and gentle at heart for a moment.

Everyone too, Look up to the sky

and take a deep breath \(゜〇゜●)/”

It has been a week of hard work

Good morning to a brand new week!!!

【From THAILAND to Japan ( ´∇ ` ●)”】


46th day of 2016


This morning, back from Thailand, I bid everyone goodbye at departure from the airport.

Alone, to a different direction, I took the NEX.

In the morning, the sky was still looking clear and blue but

sometime after I was back, sound of rain...

and at night, it snowed.

It seems like yesterday`s Japan was warm like summer.

But today, it was snowing... Intense change everyday...

Hope the new week would be a nice and warm week for everyone.


47th Day of 2016

Today, I spend my day slowly

Homeshut myself to allow my body to rest.

Morning was bright and nice weather

At dusk, I was healed by the orange sunset.

When i realized, i was already in my world of dreams...

As I spend my day lying at my side

Resting my body...

Indulging in luxurious time for a day.

There is work tomorrow.

The warm power that I received from Thailand

Kept in my heart, as I live my life to the fullest

Lets live\(゜▽゜●)”