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Bean Sprout Week

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Start of a new week

Last week was again, chilly but

during the weekend

the sun tried his best to warm the cold air a little for me.

Did everyone have a warm and calm weekend?

Hope you guys had a good week, spending everyday, everymoment peacefully

Our new MV has been released.

Not only the dance,

but I hope you could also feel the temperature and the atmosphere in both India and Shanghai

The people around, and the noise that could not be heard at the place

Let your imagination go wild as you feel all the many things around

Do search for new discoveries, things which we didnt manage to notice too.

Hope you enjoy the MV.

【A week of Miso Soup ( ´・` ●)Foo”】


53th day of 2016

On monday, this morning,

Just as I thought it was going to be good weather today because I could see some blue sky between the clouds,

Slowly, the blue sky is covered by clouds,

the sky was in total whiteness

It rained in the afternoon,

And in the end, it became a rainy day.

Today, was marshmallow miso soup...

it was like...

hanpen (a cake of ground fish), that was torn into thin pieces using a spoon

and before i realised, the hanpen expanded

and looked like it was going to overflow from the hotpot…\(゜〇゜●;)/”

Hanpen Miso Soup was really delicious...

Thats it! This week has started

lets live!!


54th day of 2016

This morning, I could see that the sky had a bit of yesterday`s cloud left

A cloudy morning

But when it turns noon, blue sky can be seen

The sky at dusk

had an orange sunset shining vividly.

The starts shone so brightly in the night sky.

And I received souvenir from Disney from my brother

It was tasty chocoloate rusk

During such a night, i had tofu and bean sprout miso soup.

Today my soup was almost overflowing with bean sprouts...


55th day of 2016

Today, since morning, the sky was all white, covered by the clouds

The air was also chilly cold.

Today`s weather forecast showed a mark of a snowman...

It is going to fall... snow?

There are some places in Hokkaido which went as low as -20℃