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New Video!

The new Music Video has been released!

Shot in Shanghai and India, we released 2 Versions for the first time.

It was a work with many challenges, but which became quite good after all, so Please, take a look.

Personally I think the work is worth from various perspectives.

Talking about the choreography, it is basically repeating as I was listening to the song. But at the end it gets better and it became a comfortable work. ( Own interpretation of Fragment, might not be accurate)

And this time, also a “Behind the Scenes" Video will be released, coming soon!

Everybody, please take a look! (2nd Time)

So now that I thinkt of it, it will soon be Spring.

Where will you go for Cherry Blossom viewing? --> (Fragment of new Song)

[ そう言えばもうすぐ春ですね

sou ieba mousugu haru desu ne

Now that I think of it, it'll soon be spring


hanami wa doko ni ikundesuka

Where will you go to see the flower bloom ]

And because I’m not good at drawing, I’ll post a Photograph.


Masato Ochiai

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Song Fragment taken from Translation by Youtbe User Green Moriyama (Comment on New Video Version India).

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