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Pollen Weekend

Good day to you, are you doing well?

I had lost my wallet the other day. (Fragment of new Song)

--> konnichiwa

ogenki desuka

boku wa senjitsu

saifu nakushimashita


Have you seen our New Video “QUIET HAPPINESS” yet?? We shot it in 2 Asian Regions: China and India.

In fact in China, it was supposed to be something different, but suddenly we have a variety of difficulties to shoot the new Song ‘QUIET HAPPINESS’.

And in India, sometimes it was really difficult to hear the music during the shooting because of the loud car horns, and we had to dance almost by intuition. But even in such circumstances, we were able to finish the work.

Something never done until now, it is perfect to CHILL OUT in this coming warmer season!

And speaking about the warmer season, Joony san already wrote something about the Pollen season in his Diary.

For me, my Nose was suddenly pouring out and I couldn’t help it. It was dripping out while I was on the Train and it was embarrassing.

So, leaving that aside., I found a Well with the Word “DRAGON” on western Characters on it.

A Dragon Well.

And why it was explicitly written on it, NOT to drink, well, I didn’t.

Not really interesting, sorry.

Let’s look forward to the Pollen Weekend!



Ryuta Tomita

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Song Fragment taken from Translation by Youtbe User Green Moriyama (Comment on New Video Version India).

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