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A Week of Hats

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

In no time, it is already March.

This year is a leap year...

It gives me this strange feeling.

This hasn’t happened yet for those in the North...

At I presume so, but...

I feel that Spring has come...

I hope that everyone’s week will be warm and well throughout…

Good work to everyone this week (。_。●)”

【Jiiji's week of wearing hats/(゜◇゜●)”】


60th day of 2016

My cellphone says it’s -20℃ in Hokkaido...

And the white world that is shown on TV...

The sky shows signs of being cold.

Even though I’m still in Japan… I didn’t think it would be this different.

Compared to the temperature of where I am… (゜△゜●)”

The weather is slightly warm at 17℃.

The sky hurried as one body.

Tonight, I’m having leftover miso soup, along with potatoes, asparagus and cucumbers.

For sure, I haven’t been getting my good share of greens.

Thank you so much (゜▽゜●)”

I really need to think of my nutrition… because I’m already an old man!!

I feel like I’m going to be addicted to cucumbers again… haha

[Today’s Hat is a black Heathered-felt Hat]


61st day of 2016

A change of pace from last night’s rain, this morning was sunny...

The sun was strong, making shadows, and the sunset beamed in orange colors.

Well, the air suddenly became cold at dusk though...

And when I arrived in my hometown,

I showed the latest MV on a PC to my father and mother, both who don’t know about Youtube.

As for myself, I rented out two movies (haven’t done so in a while)

“PIXELS” starring Adam Sandler

A game character from long ago attacks the Earth…


It’s been awhile since I’ve last watched a movie… but it’s a really nice experience...

[Today’s hat is the brown Brixton Tiller Hat]


62nd day of 2016

Today was another good day.

While I was taking a walk, as I looked into the trees, I saw a white bud… (゜.゜●)”

Even though it’s still cold, the approach of Spring is ever immenent.

The second rented film, “NIGHTCRAWLER”

This one...

A paparazzi hunts for info on rumors and crimes, to the point of even taking the live of others...

It was a film that placed me in an unspeakable mood.

It may had been best to have watched “PIXELS” after this one...

[Today’s hat is the green TMT Felt Hat]


63rd day of 2016

The sun shines brightly since the morning, making yet again strong shadows

Although the nights are cold,

today’s weather had been nice and warm.

The evening sunset’s orange is also colorful…

I think we are one step closer to Spring.

[Today’s hat is the khaki Inner-Cut Felt Hat]


64th day of 2016

Today was a warm day.

After waking up, I read a book I needed to read...

After working my head around the video production, time passed and it was already late...

And my face went lucid after spacing out a bit

( ̄‐  ̄ ●)

” What is with my face..."

And later at night, I played with my friend’s children...

My soul is so filled with the cute smiles of them… what angels… \(´▽`●))”

[Today’s hat is a Felt Can-Can Hat]


65th day of 2016

Today was another nice sunshine day, with the sun making the day feel so warm.

This is the joke of Yusuke-kun’s Wat Pho… (LOL)

In regards to Wat Arun we climbed...

There are so many scenes of places we’ve been to before

If you all don’t mind, take a watch of it.

Tonight’s snack is tea with Taiyaki

The crusty outside with the steamy red bean paste is very delicious...

Need to buy more pre-freezed Taiyaki...

[Today’s hat is the cA4la Wool-knit Hat]


66th day of 2016

This morning, sun shined brightly on my face (through the gaps of the clouds).

The white sky is clouded this Sunday

Wonder if it’ll get colder…

From the evening on, it rained, raining strongly at times too...

Tonight was a lot of lettuce along with ham-baked bread and peanut cream.

Everyone kept themselves warm, leading this Sunday to being a wishful kind and warm day...

From tomorrow, it’ll be a new week.

[Today’s hat is the lexanderLeeChang/gizagiza straw hat]

To everyone

Good work for your efforts this past week.

A new week will be starting.

A new month, and March’s first Monday will be coming

I hope that this coming week, this new week to everyone, will be filled with warmth and kindness throughout the days...

May each day and each hour be gentle throughout the week...

May a gentle wind keep blowing unchangingly in your heart...

It’s alright!! It’s alright!!

The wind has blown...

Now feel it… ((´・`●))”

Now live your life!! \(゜▽゜●)\゛

【May the world be embraced in kind and warm smiles...】

To a new week

Oh...[The Song Where I Lost my Wallet

How beautiful…aha

Everyone, make sure you don’t lose your wallet… \(゜▽゜●)”

Be careful and may your journey be well.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly translated by: Green Moriyama (Thanks a lot!)

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