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A Week of Hats

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

In no time, it is already March.

This year is a leap year...

It gives me this strange feeling.

This hasn’t happened yet for those in the North...

At I presume so, but...

I feel that Spring has come...

I hope that everyone’s week will be warm and well throughout…

Good work to everyone this week (。_。●)”

【Jiiji's week of wearing hats/(゜◇゜●)”】


60th day of 2016

My cellphone says it’s -20℃ in Hokkaido...

And the white world that is shown on TV...

The sky shows signs of being cold.

Even though I’m still in Japan… I didn’t think it would be this different.

Compared to the temperature of where I am… (゜△゜●)”

The weather is slightly warm at 17℃.

The sky hurried as one body.

Tonight, I’m having leftover miso soup, along with potatoes, asparagus and cucumbers.

For sure, I haven’t been getting my good share of greens.

Thank you so much (゜▽゜●)”

I really need to think of my nutrition… because I’m already an old man!!

I feel like I’m going to be addicted to cucumbers again… haha

[Today’s Hat is a black Heathered-felt Hat]


61st day of 2016