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A Presentation of a different kind

This time's Training is "Presentation @ Symposium ".

I know it's a out of the blue, but I, Takashi Jonishi, was given the opportunity to make a presentation at “7th Annual Meeting of Japanese Association for Dance Medicine and Science (JADMS). When I first received an offer from them, I was honestly puzzled.

But, the theme of the special session which I was offered was “Various dance styles, artistic performance, injuries and training”.

So I thought it was a great opportunity to present what I usually have in mind and my sense of values, so

I accepted the offer.

Here I go!!

I'm awfully nervous (LOL)

I'm 10 times more nervous than preforming in a WORLD ORDER Live Show. (LOL)

The Majority of the audience comes from the Fields of Ballet or contemporary dance, so they have extremely beautiful postures.

I have an overwhelming feeling of being at the wrong place.

But, thinking this and that and getting back to the starting point that I accepted the offer, I took a chance.

Still, I was keyed up and I guess I could explain only about 60% of what I want to convey.

I felt a bit down.

But, after that, I could listen directly from people living in the world, which I can’t usually contact, such as social dance, rhythmic gymnastics, ballet and so on, and that feeling vanished away.

I found myself listening intensely to the other’s presentation. And when it was over, I received a high evaluation and heard, “He explained Street Dance clearly.”, “His presentation made me feel familiar with Street Dance.” etc.

It was such a happy day that I left for home, feeling happiness that I could make a small contribution to this symposium.

I’m grateful to the professor who offered me this chance, my old friend from graduate school and the staff.

It was a great experience.

Let’s workout healthy- and happily. (^^)



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Kindly Translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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