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Knitted-Hat Week

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

It’s the start of a new week.

Last week, the chilly weather came back in the middle of the week.

“Stingy weather will be followed by bad days”

(; ● ¯∇¯) ↑ This statement ... (LOL)

I’m glad I checked it.

Again, the bad weather days continue.

Don’t be careless with the cold.

Everyone, please take care and don’t let your physical condition be disturbed.

【One week of different colour knitted hats…】/ (° ▽ ° ●) ']


67th day of 2016

Monday starts with rain…

Fighting so much that I don’t feel the cold air.

Tonight I had Salad, Bread and Miso Soup with Tofu.

I tried to put the Broccoli which was left over in the Miso soup.

The broccoli became so soft…

It was just too good…

Monday, the beginning of a new week.

Let’s live ! \ (° ▽ ° ●)

[WINE RED knitted Hat]


68th Day of 2016

This Morning, still some of the threating sky from yesterday.

A pure white morning sky.

Only, today the temperatures are rising

a thick coat of light

a Tuesday of blue sky and many clouds.

The evening sky couldn’t clear up completely, and smoky clouds are left.

Still lovely…

[KHAKI knitted Hat]


69th day of 2016

Today it is raining since the morning.

A white sky with a wall of clouds and still warm

But the temperatures are sinking fast.

It’s a season of intense variation between heat and cold…

A season of transition.

I wonder if you are all OK…

Tonight I have again Bread, Salad and Miso Soup with Tofu.

I’m having that a lot recently…

I feel like having a fruit…

[BLACK knitted Hat]


70th day of 2016

We have a cloudy sky today.

The air turns chilly and I have to turn my heating Mat ON

Where has the Tuesday warmth gone? (● ̄・ ̄)

Today I have a Salad with Lettuce, Ham and a little Cheese,

Because I’m someone who puts cheese in the salad…

and also a little bit of Tabasco sauce…

A spicy lettuce salad… or something like that.

I guess I’m someone who always eats strange things.

It was delicious.

(° ▽ ° ●) “Bono bono a che bono…”

[GRAY knitted Hat]


71st day of 2016

It’s been 5 Years since the East Japan big Earthquake.

That day, that moment, was a unique experience

for Everyone throughout Japan.

Forever a warm feeling will remain in the hearts

Let’s live live gently

Today, furthermore, weather forecast showed a Snowman mark.

The morning air was chilled and some rain fell.

All day just pure white clouds… A cold Friday.

And watching “Unbelievable” , which I had recorded, made the tears flow…

A warm weekend everybody.

[BEIGE knitted Hat]


72nd day of 2016

Felt the warm sunlight again after a long time this morning.

I hope it will stay warm…

Then, almost instantly the clouds filled the sky again, and the sun was playing hide-and seek.

On the evening, the setting sun was poking his little face though the clouds…

Also today, a cold Saturday.

I was in the mood for Coffee and baked 2 (Translators Note: Not specified. Taiyaki?).

Let’s live gently today…

[BLUE knitted Hat]


73rd day of 2016

The Sky is full of clouds this morning.

The sun forms a round rainbow through the clouds! (° ▽ ° ●)

This Sunday too, is cloudy and the air is chilly.

This week we could feel the sun from time to time, and the air kept getting cold.

Everybody, have a warm, gentle week…

You guys have worked hard this week (._. ●)

'[BLACK GRAY knitted Hat]

It’s the start of a new week.

The last, was a week with moments of Spring in the air, and cold air too.

Step by step, Spring gets closer. A season of back-and-forth and transition.

Everybody, I hope your week will transform into a calm and gentle one…

I wish every day, warm and gentle winds will blow through your mind.

Don't worry, everything will be fine.

The wind blows..

Let's feel it...

Let's live!! \(° ∇ ° ●)

【Hope this world will be wraped in warm smiles...】

Off to a new week

Take care

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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