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On the Racecourse

Today's Training is “Thoroughbred”.

I went to see the "Twinkle Races" held at the Ohi Racecourse

Surprisingly, we (the Racecourse and me) are the same age. I will also reach my 30th birthday. We have to get along with each other.(^^)

Muscles of the horse are beautiful. (。?_?。)

I couldn’t take my eyes off him. It was worth coming to see just his muscles. (^^)

Finally, trumpet fanfare sounded and the last race of the day started!!

I was getting nervous even if I didn’t bet on the race.(LOL)

And the result of the race is…

They run so fast that the picture is out of focus.(LOL)

But I could tell you their fast speed… I hope so.

Oh boy... seeing up close the beautiful muscles, the strong movement and dynamics of the horses, I felt very much inspired by them.

Being influenced by them, I took a selfie after so long.(LOL)

I can't even come close to dynamism of horses. I still have a long way to go there…

Or rather, I should have taken a better selfie again. But I didn’t bother.

It turns out that I don’t like taking selfies very much these days.

Jonishi, having marked his 30th anniversary, doesn't try so hard to do what he doesn’t like.

More importantly, let’s live dynamically!!

Let’s workout healthy- and happily. (^^)

Gamble in moderation (? ω?)



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Kindly Translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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